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July 1, 2022:~In Seeking Help For Being A Childhood RAPE VICTIM "only in Canada eh?"

Happy Birthday Canada -- so what did you do to make this Country a better, nicer , kinder place ( thought so )

Why should I do anything as this is the National Birthday and I got a 12 pack of Cold Craft Brews, a refurbished box of KFC my Old Lawn Chair

Life is good -- and please never wake me up, as I am now living in the state of 24 /7 / 365 FEAR and this is not a healthy state either Mentally or Physically and Emotionally --

Death on Canada Birthday and in This Entire Land OF Canada I am no Help is Available to help, me as this Country seems to get off on The RAPE of Children and ADDELENCES as I met a young lady that I met and she has been RAPED -- 9 x in 9 days and she has no place for home and this is her outcome

We have set the RAPE VICTIMS up now To Go To JAIL---

Now I am getting accused of MORE -- See The Next Post As All Of This Is Now MY FAULT according to Jessica at Access 24 / 7 @ 780-424-2424 --- Blame The Victim and I now seemed to have been RAPED Multiple Times in My Life

I supposed I should now and forever be locked up as I am a very very bad person and maybe even EVIL I no longer know

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