July 11, 2021 = 157 Days At 60 Years Old And I Am Becoming A Better Man Than I Was At 59 I Think

Wow what a feeling and a ride at 60 as so much is new to me and I am learning and growing so fast as when this adventure of 60 began I could not walk more than to the bottom of the stairs in my home and as of today I am doing on average for 2021 = 1 km a day and this comes about by true faith in a God that doesn't understand the Catholic Church anymore than anyone else as there seems to be something a miss ( maybe GOD ) they make their GOD up as they go and this is not the Church going Faithful it is the administration and the hierarchy of the Church that I have once worshiped at and am now fearful that more things will go wrong

Reflected on the past 6 weeks and reviewing mountains of notes I figure that today Keylo is born anew as people I just meet want the story to come out on a big screen as I am a interesting kind of person as AK says a Singularity ( a unicorn ) something massively different that others to the point that I stand out

Well that could be a long black coat ( trench coat ) or the staff / stick / cane I use for the supposed Parkinson that a doctor in mental health once said I had ( I got the first cane to appease her and then I sorta got used to it and it goes well with the ) big freak-en GREEN hat that adorns my silver hair that is naturally curly and the ladies around me do NOT want me to cut as they like it ( so my hair flows an grows )

Today I was sent a generous gift of $10 maybe as a gift for the anniversary of 13 year 7 months ( 163 months) without a smoke in my mouth ( which considering where I have been during all this time is kind of amazing as hell )

I am at day 55 of my Crypto / NFT adventure and yesterday I sold my first NFT and made a little bit but in percentage terms it was an amazing deal as I now see a place where if and when I ever become disabled and need to be shuffled off like my dear mother was in 1978 to a nursing home ( she died there in 1996 ) and watching the slow death of someone you love so much was hard and I drank not to think about it ( shit I drank when ever and where ever I could as I am a drunk always will be and yes I have been sober since February 15, 2013 at 930am when THEY sent the City Of Edmonton Police Service ( programmers ) to destroy a drunk a old drinker that drank from the day his dad passed in February 19, 1975 till February 15, 2013 that was 37 years 11 months and 27 days and they and now I have been sober since February 15, 2013 till NOW July 11 , 2021 = 8 years 4 months 26 days -- 100 months and 26 days

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