July 11, 2021~ Anniversary Day = 13 Years 7 Months Quit This One Was Harder Than Anything Before

On December 3, 2007 I was denied help in stopping smoking ( Cigarettes ) by the Provincial Blue Cross agency and then my AISH worker also said the same ( he had nicer words ) but it was NO -- I was at a Clinic at that time attempting to get me off an Opiates and onto another that she the Doctor that was doing all medications and treatments both mental and physical at that time and she was getting me hooked up on Methadone coming off Percects and Oxycontin's

The drug I was after was a product that was / is hardcore as it screws up dreams / visions / feeling sensations and everything and this was the underlying reason why I was turned down-- but I called my doctor Tania ( name ? left out to protect her ) right from the drug store as I was there for my daily Methadone and I got directly through and she asked me if I was serious and I said yes and a prescription for Champix ( Canadian name ) to be started that day and the cost was expensive as this was a drug and they knew what they had had me already on, and for the next few days I only went down the walk to the drugstore to get the methadone and everything else was put on hold and then on December 11, 2007 at precisely 1130pm I put out my last cigarette for what turned out to be forever and in the next few days I forgot pretty much everything as I was a babbling mess as I no longer could think at all or know my name it was horrible and I was high on the medication combo

Then I made 3 days and I got a certificate of accomplishment ( which I still have in fact I have 2 photo albums of certificates as I accomplished milestone after milestone ) but coming off this shit product that serves no one in society but the cigarette company's and the governments that tax the shit out of it ) it has no redeeming value to society as it causes all sorts of aliments not only cancer and heart disease but more ( and it smells bad sorry honey but you smell and I am not kissing an ashtray )

Today the book becomes a new story and we grow by a magnitude of many lives we touch with ours

Remember Christ was likely not Catholic as that came about later and I think the next time we will see the LIGHT when it shows up in our lives


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