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July 11, 2022:~ Anniversary Day For The Mad Hatter Experience ~ The Last One However

Today I am going to have my Last Anniversary of Stopping Smoking Ciggerettes and in a few more days you will never see nor hear of Lucien The Light II ( but it will be kind of dark) for mankind for a while it is 15 years 5 months -- or 185 months, and 5,632 days and now reality will begin for the Human Race ---You See the Human Race has gotten very very greedy about money and it has pretty much become absurd to watch as they toss 300+ Billion types of of dollars around --- Musk when people ( children / babies ) when family can no longer afford to feed the families while Billionaisres ( Gates, Buffet, Bloomberg, etch ) waste so much that the concept is foolish

I have been in massive pain since a wrong cut was made in a operation on April 11, 2019 and in a few more hours / days I will be pain free and I will not need 5 diffferent types of medications daily ( just for pain )

This Human Experiemnt that you all have been running on me since before I can even remember it starting ( in Grade School ) all my worldly stuff should be put in a storage unit

He who started this Experiment in PAIN / both Mental & Pysical should decide what to do with it as he is going to lose everything he has currently to become me and this includes the TEETH in the SAME MANNER ( YUP ) by Yanking with ZERO FREEZING AND SCREAMING

You all went to far this time with the Criminal Charges again and that 1000 watt bulb in my eyes 24 / 7 and the Fred Flintstone Bed ( Basically a Rock Bed ) --I am tired and I am old and I do not any longer want to do this with any body as HUMANITY has created its own suffering for the elite to gain more wealth ( this is a massive sign of a sick ( very ) sick society ) and the pain that you will receive in return will blow your minds -- as now I am have back spasms and i am having a very hard time reading ( my favorite passion was damaged and you as a society. Knew this so you took it away from me as my piece of LUNG was taken,

I have done nothing to this SOCIETY and now you have taken my life -- as you took my dads' my mom took longer as you SOCIETY really wanted to hurt her for some damn sick reason -- just as I have been injured and hurt, abused over 40 years

You know I suffered and I mean I suffered much for all of HUMANITY and I am sorry for what HUMANITY is about to receive in return ( eye for eye )

This is phase one of my writings to the end

Your Society Did This To Me In 1986-1987 and as you giveth so you will receive the same

Goodbye To A World That Punished me all my life ( may yours be better that you gave)

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