July 13, 2021 ~ Slaves ~ Yeah I Am Talking To You All

What has our lives become at this point in " the great history of our species * I am about to attempt to open one mind ( that is all I have to do in my trip of life I have been created / designed to live ) just help one was the words of a wise man I was privileged to once know named Sam this man was a true friend and still is as he saved first me then me and my family I was once upon a time blessed to have then me again I was very sick at the end and he called in so many favors to save my sad excuse of a life -- I hated him as he was smarter than me, at the near end we were at war -- he always gave me leeway as he understood me well and better than my teams of experts at the end

He said to one day " If you save just one man from his / her addictions in your life time this is all anyone can ask from you / me "

I was drinking still and first I was forced to save me and I couldn't even begin to start thinking of this as I was / am a addict , then he sent two men dressed as Police Officers of the City of Edmonton to have a day after Valentines day to see me ( this was a four ( 4 ) litre of cheap " wino wine " night. When the Police arrived the scared the damn shit out of me as they started using a high tech, secret weapon at me, and I was defenseless and losing control as I am not sure if I was still drunk or between drunk and dead my mind and body couldn't decide a single thing as I was vibrating my whole body and one guy was back towards me the other was using the weapon, the one were all likely have experienced in our lives at one time

All I remember was " I threatened to punch my psychiatrist in the head , over the phone to his receptionist " hell I had ZERO memory of this chunk of text NONE and I then just wanted away from the range of their High Tech, Top Secret Weapon as I started popping Benzodiazepines like they was candy in front of the Police and it was non-stop and I was frozen in time and space and no way to move never mind run

and I thought I was stuck in a seriously screwed up nightmare ( and I was )

This was to become a " DAY THAT CHANGED MY LIFE " kind of day

Their High Tech, Secret Weapon would be shown to me years later after I was already sober well forever it seemed as I was in a Physical Unit I Called DEATHS DOOR when in passing one day / night the weapon was shared with me it was " WORD SALAD " and I figured that I was set up by Sam and Two Master N.L.P. ( Nero Linguistic Programmers ) Technicians dressed as the Police then I went deeper as I always do I thought what is more dangerous than bullets = WORDS and if The Police Forces were Trained in N.L.P just how much more effective ( not that are not effective now ) could they become or have they become as they installed a " program " ( a new frame ) that they would increase in the following years to come as -- The SYSTEM -- OWNS US -- we are programmed all the time and when language becomes he programming software this is crazy stuff I know and the scary implication as this Technology Is A Human Programming Technology it is the Ultimate Technology to know and Understand ( The Officer with his back to me was looking at my main bookshelves where -- You Guessed it -- " My N.L.P. Books all were

Fucken Irony as I didn't see till just now they are not at stupid and they do have most likely lots of training in N.L.P. ( this would make so much sense )

The stop drinking " PROGRAM " that was installed that day is still running and I haven't had a drink since February 15, 2013 that is 8 years 4 months and 28 days as of today 3,070 days of a Nero ( brain ) Linguistic ( Language ) Program installed that morning at 930am

And their " PROGRAM " that THEY installed was heavily " TESTED " in that 8 plus year test

FREEDOM is an ILLUSION as were all being " PROGRAMMED " all the time sicne I got clean & sobr I have met not one but two young people that actually were studying HUMAN PROGRAM and HUMAN ENGINEERING -- wow ( time for me to revisit the Personal Library of Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote / Facciotti II ) to see what kind of kewl skills I can study and relearn as in the MATRIX I want to be the HPA ( Human Programming Architect ) as it could be fun

Income, Expenses -- Assets, Liabilities + Cash Flow

Where is your income going ( taxes are first ) so we know we can actually never pay ourselves first, in fact we spend a large portion of our -- Cash Flow -- on Liabilities ( the house the car ) and if something / someone takes money from your cash flow it is not an Asset

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