July 13, 2021 ~ The Mad Hatter Is Very " Unwell " At Present

This last 16 months have finally caught me up since the treatments were stopped abruptly ( I was better they said ) I still had a HOLE in my BODY and I was pretty much refused treatment at the hands of MY Doctor, for wound care which lead me into her trap and that was from March 16, 2020 to December 10, 2020 a weekly source of amusement it was 269 days and I had to plan my escape route like an abused partner gets out of the relationship ( more soon )

The time was weird as it was March 16, 2020 just a short 2 days into a world that would see would see 4.04 MILLION Lives lost as this shit that I was inadvertently sent to HELL with a HOLE in my BODY with and the pain levels at times were 9 out of 10 and I then ended up smoking weeds again between March 16, 2020 ( not sure the date that it began ) but very certain the day it was stopped at July 27, 2020 as a good friend said if I could stop and stay off he would help out where he could and he has done remarkable things for me, and I have kept my end to this last year weeds free ( and its LEGAL in CANADA ) has been one of my hardest years I have ever lived and I have lived 60 plus of them

My body hurts every where now and I am very weak ( and the PAIN is l back and nasty as hell ) and I had pretty much stopped all the Medications For Pain as I was not in Pain till this last few months plus again as I was pretty much able to ween me as me ( no physician help in getting clean again ) as my life and world is a DIY always has been and so is yours unless your want to lose control of your life and world

I have a curved spine according to my exercise specialist as to 80% of older people "my age" as he put it

I have yet to slam a needle in for pain control as I don't trust shit right now as this stuff has gone on long enough already

I am seriously suffering and I now wish it was over cause I live in pain all the time 24/7 -365 and I feel cumbersome to the world I am allowed to experience through the few senses human beings are taught about in the Western World ( and we are right even though we are supposed to not be exclusive )

I have thought about the end a lot ( I was exposed to 12 dead people between March 11, 2019 and April 27, 2019 when I was sent to be a lamb to the slaughter by yet another experimental doctor that I wish I never heard her name before as I would be chopped up like a turkey on a very busy Christmas dinning area meal as the ass was they area of attack and I was brutalized on Unit 8 East and had to bear wittiness to 12 dead people ) as I was never trained nor conditioned to have the movie The Sixth Sense come alive for me in the reality I was to be expose to as " I SEE DEAD PEOPLE " was my reality ( as I was being fed great drugs for my chopped up ass to fix a hole on the coccyx, my entire ass was chopped up ( and they did this to hurt me forever ) and it worked extremely well problem is that I was allowed to met a few of the people that died before they died ( my mind removal software of removing trace elements of dead people doesn't work well does YOURS? or do get error message 404 file not found ( another story ) it will come when time is okay'd by THEM as THEY OWN ME ) and then I was threatened to be moved to the nursing home that my dear mother would spend her last 18 years of her life in from 1978 to 1996 and I had to beg and even cry to NOT go there as they knew I ha a mental illness and this was their amusement for the period I was a victim of 8 East death factory and mind fuck unit from HELL I still have yet been able to see a therapist for all this as when you meet people that will soon be dead and you are on an infectious disease unit for 47 days and you see people and they are knocking on deaths door weird stuff goes on in the process of the things I witnessed

My first trip when I got out was to the University Of Alberta Library in the Hospital and I took out " The Psychology Of Death " and renewed it the maximum amount of times as I tried to understand DEATH and The Mad Hatter Experience of the GREAT ADVENTURE ON DEATH FACTORY & MENTAL FUCKERY UNIT 8 EAST

They attempted to break me with one thing after another ( been like this all my life ) and it is STATE SPONSORED MENTAL PROGRAMMING -- Meant to destroy me and IT is hard as what the hell do you do

You step outside your body ( and this is why not getting high on weeds ) has been so damn hard this last almost year ( as it helps ( really HELPS ) with PAIN ) but my friend and me have a deal and I truly believe that me being both

"CLEAN & SOBOER" is beneficial to the simulation of reality I am being exposed to as over the last 92 days I have been studying CODING, Cryptocurrency's 57 days, NFT's 35 days ( NFT = Non Fungible Tokens ), The stock market December 15, 2020 ( just 5 days after one of my tormentors ( a doctor ) fired me from her care ) " try seeing a doctor with the THREAT of Losing Her Care was being held over your head " , and she had me on some weird sticker program that she came up with where if I was a good boy I and showed up and behaved I would be given two ( 2 ) stickers, if I was " a bad boy " but showed up I would get but one ( 1 ) and if I was absent and didn't have a note from the doctor ( her ) I would be given zero stickers and if I called the office for something a receptionist did not think was new ( medically I had to confess to the receptionist my woes ) she would also reduce the stickers for the week === Okay this was 2020 how old was I?

A damn 59 year old kindergarten student as I had to start over at Doctor ( this is weird ) Kindergarten Class where I would need to drop my pants in front of who ever she wanted to see my naked ass and it was embarrassing, humiliating and debasing

Then she fired me on December 10, 2020 I was going to kill myself as I still had a HOLE in MY BODY and still NEEDED - PAIN MEDICINE ( which at times in our weekly sessions she threatened to withhold and she would NOT allow me to call myself a JUNKIE as " SHE DIDN'T LIKE THE WORD " even though she turned me into a DOG in PAVLOV DOG EXPERIMENT --

Hey remember i was am the crazy one ( must be contagious as she got it too ) either that or I got her so damn confused she was living a scene out of MY MOVIE and I WAS RESPONSIBLE for her experimenting on my body and mind ( she was / is a family doctor )

And they played with me as a TOY a PET

And when she was done she threw me away light a piece of paper or a old shoe

Well surprise I am not a piece of paper nor an old shoe as I am Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote / Facciotti II and I now will show the world what I am capable of as I have waited a lifetime to come to show you what I will do for you as I already know I can induce dopamine and serotonin in the brains / minds of the people I am allowed to show the human experience to, as we meet even for that brief microsecond as you pass me bye in your automobiles

BTW I healed for a while and IT has come back for another round with me my dad taught me to keep getting up when I was knocked down ( even out ) as he knew it would be handy in my life when I grew up ( I have grown over these last few years / months / weeks and days as I follow a Japanese ART of KAIZEN ) There are books on this art and we should be practitioners it is going to heal the world ;

Link Here For a Few Of My Favorites

https://amzn.to/3AYfCKX this one is $3.86 Kindle ( app free for your smartphones, tablets and computers ) there is no printed version other than KINDLE ( if you have Kindle Unlimited at $9.99 + tax you can read this and ten ( 10 ) other books for free but for the KU Fee )


Read this book it WILL change the way you see your worlds

But back the here and NOW -- Yup I am not as I was when I was healthier but with age health is a thing ( a issue ) as it is for a large portion of Society as the Government doesn't like OLD PEOPLE as they go from assets ( paying the Government in TAXES ) to Liability's ( receiving from the Government in PENSIONS ) and as the Boomers age in the North American corridor were about to bankrupt the Social Security & and Old Age Security systems so the governments wants OLD PEOPLE DEAD and I have " SEEN DEAD PEOPLE " and with OAS ( Canada ) at the Base Rate of $660 a months x the 12 dead seniors that I was supposed to see in 47 days that is a SAVINGS TO THE GOVERNMENT of $7,920 a month x 12 months = a savings just from tier one for just the 12 dead people I witnessed is $95,040 a Year at 10 years longer of life this is $950,400 ( and that is just the 12 DEAD PEOPLE that I SAW -- How many died while I was asleep at the wheel ( can't stay awake for 47 days not possible I would have been dead )

Now this is some pretty screwed up shit that a person with Schitzoaffective Disorder was allowed to bear witness too

You see it is because we name shit we end up with stuff like Schitzoaffective Disorder but what is / could be worse than that as let me say this name / label is bad poison that the people the 1% of the general population have to deal with as an '' ILLNESS " OK I have an ILLNESS if I believe it I get it ( as what the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve ) they did this for a reason I hope as it stole 50 years plus of my life

But what if there was / is worse ( can you believe 98% plus of the population have something worse ) YUP

NAMED DAYS and they trade 5 for 2 for almost their entire lives not even knowing about what they are doing losing 60% weekly ( and they do this all their lives 40-50 years )

As my life crumbled in grade 5-6 at Albert Lacombe Elementary Training Center / School I was " instructed " by the teachers ( administrators ) of my Educational Experience to stand in front a auditorium of my peers and parents for the annual play ( I had been told / instructed to, FORCED to ) stand in front of every one I knew including my family and relatives as I went to school with cousins and friends and I was to say

UNAWARE -- The Clothing We Wear Under Our Pants

To which the room roared with laughter ( as I was being laughed at 9-10 perception ) I quit school right their unbeknownst to anyone including my mom & dad as combined with another " event " in that same period I was a mess this was grade 5 or 6 time


But so do YOU as the auditorium lesson was very prophetic as in the world today we as we look for solutions to our lives ( we are ) for the most part


Totally UNAWARE that we have become rats in the giant rat race and social experiment they will isolate a few ( picked me as I have balls ) to stand up and get knocked down time and time, again and again - over and over but I am not a RAT I am a Pet and PETS get treated a lot better than the Rat People as they are common like the common house fly

Quote: "The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat. —Lily Tomlin.

And The Wheel of Time Continues to Spin Its Web Robert Jordan a 14 book set https://amzn.to/2UFtBVu don't be scared it is only 12,445 pages best series ever

From Cradle to Grave they own us a we truly are they Rat's ( or we are the special people the 1% in the Schitzoaffective Disorder category

Have a G RAT E day as I get to see my Behavioral Consultant to attempt to finally fix my brain / mind and I have been working on getting help since 1983 to 2021 ( that I feel I can trust ) as this is the LIFE of The Mad Hatter Experience ( and yes I am EXPERIENCED ) "Are YOU ? "


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