July 14, 2021 ~ Puppet Masters ~ Puppets ~ Slaves ~

Second or third time I needed to purchase as picture ( Shutterstock ) and it was $2.99 US with the exchange / tax rate = $4.03 ~ ( and the " human " that created this gets 30% as that is the rate as far as I know on ShutterStock )

We now have the tools and systems for micro-payments all the way down to a penny and this is sort of cool as soon my broker is bringing " fractional share ownership "

BUT who controls you? AND who owns what they have " ALLOWED " you to use while you are here at this time on Earth ( and who owns The Earth ) hint ....

It is NOT YOU !!!

Think Trillion Dollars Multiple Trillions

Think =

Vanguard Group

33,000,000 shares of Amazon of 6.6% Value = $3,700 x 33,000,000 = $122,100,000,000

Advisory Group owns 35,000,000 or 7.1% Value = $129,500,000.000



Amazon 27,000,000 or 5.4% think these are penny shares nope the trade at $3,700 + each today so 27M x $3,700 = $99,900,000,000


Those numbers are BILLIONS

YOU -- Ya YOU what to you have in your control what if I told you that you can invest in Amazon, Tesla, Google for as little as a dollar now

It is called Fractional Share Ownership and it is available at wealthsimple.com or the app for your phone iOS or Android

But we are being controlled and manipulated and this is the concept of this post that I actually had to invest in the photo for

Hey Questions = Who OWNS Blackrock = Vanguard has 7.1% or 11,449,342 shares valued at over 10 Billion ( they are the biggest shareholders in Blackrock )

Question = Who OWNS Vanguard = would you believe Blackrock has 13.46% or 4,148,144 shares valued at $76 + Million plus (they are the biggest shareholder of Vanguard)

Okay a review, lets do drugs for a bit since we all just had our annual VAXX via Big Pharma


Vanguard owns the most at 7.72% and 446,692,364 shares

and Blackrock has 2.31% and 129,420,103 shares

lets see who owns what

The three largest shareholders of Pfizer, J&J and Merck are Vanguard, SSGA and BlackRock, the multi-trillion dollar funds which make investments on behalf of their clients and keep a cut for their service.

The Companies that RUN the Earth

Comcast owned by Vangaurd 8.03% and Blackrock 4.29%

Pepsico 2nd largest food company = owned by = Vanguard 8.23% Blackrock 4.71%

Coke the other one Berkshire has 9.28% Vanguard = 7.47% and the other one Blackrock = 4.31%

This is to ensure that whenever you have a cold soft drink they are making bank this happend in so many instances with Global Dominance and CONTROL

Nestle' largest food producer on Earth owned by = Vanguard 0.08% valued at 277M Plus and Blackrock sits this one out

Kraft / Heinz = Owned by Berkshire Hathaway = 26.62% --Vanguard 3.97% -- Blackrock 2.39%

Saudi Armaco = Owned by = Saudi Government owns most of it

CME Group = Owned by --Vanguard has 8.09% and our friends at BlackRock have but 4.5%

ICBC = Bank in China = Owned by = Owned by the State of China

Can you see a thread here right now as we all dangle by a string from the Puppet Masters and companies like Blackrock, and Vanguard are dangerous as they even control Governments

Hey how about a bit of oil to go with your non Tesla auto

Exxon = Owned by Vanguard = 7.84% and Blackrock returns with 4.81%

Hey lets run Tesla and Elon through this

Tesla is owned in part by = Vanguard 5.73% = Blackrock = 3.48%

Vanguard is worth some 7.1 Trillion AUM ( Assets Under Management )

And Blackrock is worth some 9 Trillion AUM in June 2021

have a nice ride today on the Hamster Wheel of Life

Were still Wage Slaves yet people find it


The Truth is The Truth and it Hurts & Sucks

Time to go play with " my '' People

donations are welcome via interact @ lucien@madhatterexperience.com

everything, and everyone counts as we enter this period in time


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