July 16, 2021 ~ Mind Control ~ And The Psychiatric Gulag System Of Alberta, Canada = Still Happening

Updated: Jul 17

Well my horror show began in 1983 with two slaps ( yup a simple brother and sister quarrel where I slapped my kid sister two times ) in the kitchen of a one bedroom apartment that I had allowed my sister to move to as she completed her high school at a school across from the apartment, lead me to tell my physio therapist at the Governments WCB ( Workers Compensation Board ) and I was sent to the WCB's Psychiatrist and then he in turn sent me to the night hospital clinic system, I was 22 years of age and only had every taken a few different pain medications up until that point,

I was forced to attend the " night hospital " or I would lose my warehousing job that was keeping me alive ( I thought I had a good job, and a pretty decent life as I had the apartment, food, clothes, weed and beer ) I was 22 and had seen a shrink before but was never on medications, for any seen or perceived mental illness.

This was about to change and little did I know at the time it would change FOREVER as once the SHRINKS and BIG PHARMA get their collective hooks into you they hardly EVER let go.

Ir has now been 38 years of psychiatric medications and likely most of the neurotransmitters have all been rewired as they no longer know any other structural architecture as this is hard core medications and they have no idea as to the long term effects as people die before 60 ( I am 60 now and one of the oldest people from the group of us from the 80's-to present that is still alive and able to remember )

This is by the Grace of The Gods and The Universe ~

The Chemical Experiments have been going on for a long time know and once again

" no one ever is to blame " --- It is unconscionable some of the Chemical Engineering / Re-Engineering things that other wise good people ( doctors ) will do to other human beings in the QUEST for a new medication

It just becomes natural and routine / and mundane and the client is trained / conditioned also to drugs being the only way to treat the illnesses -->

Prozac the most widely known mental medication roughly in $21 B to Drug Maker Eli Lilly from December 29, 1987 to August 2, 2001 = 14 years ( roughly )

The Medical " Script " Victimize the client to make them need / feel that the client become ~ dependent on the health care provider ~ A Servant to the Controller

I was am in a process once again where I am being forced to take my life and world back as all the mental health care providers push drugs instead of figuring this stuff out as it takes work -- and since we live in a Medical / Mental Health Care Microwave System we want it fast and easy ~

Now (July 16, 2021 around 230 am ) a person at the crisis line said "he wants me out of the province" as I have issues that come from being in " MY " Home Town and Home Province for 60 years and he wants me to go away as I have issues that the SOR ( System Of Reality ) that did to me. So that means it is some form of Mental Health Purging -- a Health Care Type of " Illness Cleansing " and he has said this to me 2x now ( he forgot the first time ) as it seems I am fair game in their system and I suspect that there very well could be a bounty on my head to get me gone -- so the Psychiatry Gulag System Of Alberta bullies, tortures the client for decades and then want him / her to go away when his / her memories come back as a result of " getting clean " as the crazy people are better for society when they have little or no memories of what the S.O.R. did unto them while they were " stoned " on mental medications

Yesterday ( July 14. 2021 ) I had a session with a Psychologist ( really ) who called me delusional a few times in a 1 hour session and then doubted i did and do the work on the blog right now by myself ( I said I had a bit of help from a friend who calls herself Alice at the start and this design is her's I do the writings )

You see the Psychologist is working under the watchful eye of another mentor so he is still learning his art and he lied to me when he said " I am a trauma therapist " when I asked him if this is what he did when he called on the 12th to confirm the educational session for him as he needed to know if his lab rat ( me again ) was coming to be screwed with for a hour

Do NOT TREAT me as a sub-human if you are on my team

As it can't possibly work this was anymore as I am a Human Being

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