July 17, 2021 ~ But It Also Makes A Boat Load Of Money For The Companies and Governments

And the pain and suffering it costs is immeasurable as when you lose a Parent, a Son or Daughter, a Uncle / Aunt a Grandpa, Grandma a Friend and the death they have is not a pretty one either

I smoked from 1988 the time of a very long hospitalization ( I started to smoke inside as there was nothing to do ) And I somehow by God's Grace got free again ( just off this products on December 11, 2007 )

And a lot of industries PROFIT off of it, and thank God that the numbers are down from where they were when I stopped smoking myself as maybe it is because the younger generation figured a few things out

So because these numbers dropped a long came little Trudeau and in 2017 he opened the gates to cancer, Mental Illnesses etc up for a younger generation and their brothers and sisters to follow by legalizing weeds ( make sense ) but how much of the tax is going to prevention and how many millions did the Government make make by getting in on early angel venture capital buying of stocks in the weeds company's that went for a stock price of near zero to 60 plus dollars ( Canopy Growth ) and how much mental health illnesses are going to come from this and are the provinces that administer mental health portfolios being given adequate monies to deal with the uptick in Mental Illness

That is COMING as it is COMING

Or maybe it is so they forget just how much hey are actually getting screwed

Going to bed

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