July 17, 2021 ~ The Mind Control Experts ~ My Team's Are Not Helping ME

This week has turned into a damn horror show with first a psychologist that has still not finished his schooling and they he lied to me ( this is okay as lying to a client establishes great rapport ) but then we had our first session and he called me delusional ( clinical word for LIAR ) not once but 3 x as assumed the role of Judge, Jury and Prosecutor as he is GOD as it would turn out so would be my Shrink later in the week Friday 16th July

Dear Dr P I now understand you more than you understand me and I know why you took the file back --- after you sent me to FACS for a year plus on your WHIM as I am and I now it now a toy for you all amusement and I can no longer trust any of you as you all are a part of the SOR ( Structure Of Reality ) that abuses people that you all see as less than HUMAN

You do know that you better HOPE that there is NO GOD as shit your in trouble if a GOD exists and if his son Jesus Christ was real and actually said that we are too love our neighbor and that we are our brothers keepers

I am a damn HUMAN BEING and YOU do not have the right to screw with me as you need the law to fuck with me and I am alone and this is all a part of the games that I was subjected too as soon as I entered grade 5 and was set up to be a victim of the mental, physical, spiritual, and even financial games & nightmares that you all put me through over the course of my life

I QUIT Tonight as I now have NO medical teams on my Mental Health Area -- Can I just walk away as not that I benefit much right now:

As what do I receive?

A phone call from her royal highness Dr Patel every 2-4-6 weeks which is totally dependent on her billing program as for the last 16 odd months I have only received a 30 minute phone call on theses sessions and sometimes she will short me at the start by having me wait 5 minutes and then she will end the session 5 minutes early as she and her WHIM feel needed

I have been victimized so long it is almost normal now 57 days since my last injection and I am now seeing beyond / behind / through the VEIL of the Masked Reality of the DRUGGED MIND as Dr Patel always said " it is a trade off " the injection vs. for what I deemed some very serious sides ( effects )

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