July 17, 2021 ~ When The Mental Health Team Says The Story Of My Life Is Lie ~ Their In Denial ~

Will cost me more than they wanted as a lady that seems to emphasize with me on a suicide lie says I don't need to kill myself because two people paid by the STATE ( yah the same STATE that abused me for most of my life ) say's that it never happened as she ( I am going to try and focus on the shrink right now ) can't wrapped he shrink medication head around my pain that I experience 24 / 7 / 365 since the incident we were talking about occurred as this stuff in a civil society doesn't happen well it happens and I suffer daily and pretty much ever time I see people with teeth it affects me as I had all of my teeth around 22 of them yanked callously out of my mouth on June 22, 2016 with ZERO FREEZING AT ALL and then I was told " there are children in the office so no screaming " I was there and I remember the pain still till this day -- and now every time I see teeth I get hurt inside and I have friends in my world with way less than me but yet they have a few teeth

I once again have to take on the world and " yes they are many and I am one " yet the power of the TRUTH always prevails in the end even if I might not be here to see it come to fruition

Good stuff takes time to manifest as it took a while for humankind to developed here on this dot we all share

I wish people that say that they are Religious actually practiced what they Preached and that they Loved Their Neighbors ( and not treated them as doormats )

This whole S.O.R. ( Structure Of Reality ) is some what of a JOKE currently

When my doctors DENIED MY STORY they in fact DENIED MY LIFE so all the effort that I put out daily to make others happy is nothing but an illusion and it also means SHIT as they hide behind the $100-200 sessions and are as cold as a HUMAN can be ( who hammered the nails into the cross of JESUS CHRIST is never mentioned as this time I intend to name the people that have hurt me over a very long extended period as they are forgiven ) BUT NOT FORGOTTEN about

My Story will be told with all the bumps, bruises, courage and rising from the hell I was / am in to a place I will RISE TO as this is only the start of my LIFE STORY

And Dr Patel, Dr Alla Dekterov ( the dentist that hurt me ) this story will be told many times until you are stopped

I am just beginning to write my story as I have been prompted by strangers that they would read / buy / support this works

Bye now --


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