July 19, 2021 ~ Today I Walk Away From My Nightmare And I Thank You All For Your Support

I started up see my life and to start to skin the " onion of my life " horrible stuff arrived faster than I was at ready for as I had only " mental health help " from a suicide line as I was unraveling a mess off 38 years of my life, that was on June 6, 2021 only ( seemed way longer than the ) 43 days and nights of the worst trip I have ever had to go on

Alone and I was allowed two ( 2 ) sessions =25 minutes and one ( 1 ) emergency session 10 minutes so I had one ( 1 ) hour of treatment from June 6, to July 19 plus a hour with a kid that still from what he told me had to report to a supervisor and pretty much called my a liar on our first session over a event that I sparked in 1987 as he called me delusional a kid that was not there and he knew zero about the history of me

That was July 14, 2021 and the worst ( best ) was still to come on July 16, 2021 as I was granted one ( 1 ) of the two sessions I would be allowed ( it was like a reward ) and she then called my a liar when it came to having my teeth pulled out of " my " face with ZERO FREEZING she said this never happened ( it was before she knew me at all ) and I had told her before and she didn't listened and at least I guess I should be grateful that she heard me even if she deemed my words a lie

But as I have learned throughout my career as a guinea pig ( experimental rat ) in the mental health industrial machine ( if you dig really deep sometimes you find a jewel or at least a glass of lemonade ) Today I got it and I am so very, very grateful... So A Big

To everyone including all the people that caused me pain and suffering throughout the last 50 years of my life

I am 60 now and if things go right I have 20+ years of life left to live as a actual HUMAN BEING and not a Lab Rat for diabolical experiments that the people I needed to trust conducted on my mind and body



Today I walk away from 108st Mental Factory Building in The Downtown Edmonton

God Bless YOU

L / Aka MHE

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