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It belongs to my Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ and he is totally aware of the stress that you are placing me through over these last few weeks as he knows what I have done and also what you have done unto me ( over my period on Earth ) as he knows the number of the hairs on the top of my very head

As for Access 24 / 7 I am done as if I have something to teach I will create a school as my Mom & Dad wished me to be a GREAT TEACHER

What will I do with the line out of Calgary ( you know the one that can't even look at my BLOG and that is interesting and also very frightening as we have ( CENSERSHIP ) within the walls of Alberta Health & Mental Health Plus Addictions pertaining to the writings of the Mad Hatter Experience ---this is sounding like mainline China ( and it is only based up the Supervisors Rule who says she can't be fired meanwhile she has a whole call center, that is shit frightened of her rule of CENSORSHIP in ALBERTA ) they are frightened as they are like acting like little children ( I couldn't last banning books and web sites is exactly like mainline China region ) but it is kind of cool ~ like this Art and yes I know and understand it is Hindu as each Religion Has some very radical Art and which is Great ( keep in mind I never asked you to change your faith ( although you should be able to do that also if that is your desire ~ You see I had this guy Father Sergi he was the Father at a Russian Orthodox Christian Church that was on a ( was / is ) around 95 & Jasper Ave and this man would stand in front of the parishioners and he was a older man and he would then SING the MASS OUT and I swear to my own God that when he got into it it was like I dropped a mind altering substance and yet I knew that I had not as it was part his Vocals and A Part The Building and it was and I smoked a lot of weeds and shit listening to Father Sergi it was being in that state and I swear ( hey when your come make arrangements with their team, as visitors are always welcome

I think that OUR / MY POPE coming to my neighborhood is a very very big thing as wow he is coming here I have already been picking up pieces of trash from the road and I have a usless low back as when I bend down to get the trash that there is a great percentage that I might not get up and this did occur on July 4, 2022 ( I fell down 4x ) once on 112av e when I missed a curb by the Parkinson sign the second was at the intersection at 81st / 82 st and 112ave and I barely got off the road in time as " what is the hurry as you may save a few minutes and break my both legs " and your insurance jumps because I will need that 3 wheeler trike that ranges from $ 42,00 to $6,000 ( Legs cost money ) remember Tina Turner (wow ages me again ) well she had her "LEGS" Insured for $ 1,000,000,000 so be grateful I am not Tina and getting abused by Ike

Then the next time this will be three was in the Yogurt Aisle / the cheese brick the OJ Aisle and I sat there for like 20-25 minutes and people were walking by ( no body helps no body anymore in this day and age as we no long to we are as we were before COVID ) -- look at him he has a black coat and the sleeve is broke and the hat and hair almost blend what white hair off the hat and lots of grey ( original of my own down past my shoulders ) and damn that old dude got a beard and a long stick let the dude lay there for a while he is likely trying to get FREE FOOD

but hang on I am only at 3 and I said I fell 4x on the 4th so I decide that I am getting a drink and a yup you remembered YOGERT Krema HONEY + $4.99 or $3.99 but that is all and then I pay and I begin my journey home well I get to the LRT tracks and I get over and then I damn fell again and this time I score a pole to hold me up like a chair with a seriously tall back and I have tunes, I was there a really long time and then this good citizen passes by and say do you need me to call 911and we talk and he says ok I am calling ( or something ) I get accused later of enticing him to call by the police officer but he gets a ambulance annd they arrive and it took both of them to get me up and into their bus, then she wanted to take me to the Grey Nuns Hospital and I never wished to go to that hospital and now I want to go home or to the Royal Alex so she says that she is going to call The Police and have me formed and that will go against my Court Date coming on July 19, 2022 ( today ) so she calls my crime I wouldn't go to the hospital that she wanted to transported me to

The Police and the new Officer arrive and I get accused of calling 911 again and another warrant is written up damn now I am pissed and I say ok I will go to the hospital she says she has to check and now I can go to the ROYAL ALEX ( where I was wanting to go in the first place ( so I get a warrant for nothing )

Funny but I also got a warrant for falling down ( this sorta says that the people in charge might not want me around as the POPE drives by - The Mad Hatter Experience ! But you do know I live here and I do this 365 days a year and I would never harm the Master of My Faith but to see the POPE is a once in a LIFETIME experience and I have never broken a law till these papers showed up on June 28, 2022 --- and what did I do

So now I just got a warrant

for falling down as a 61 year old man that had a nice man trying to help what I think it is the Police don't wanna help me out and that is NOW THE CASE don't hide behind the law and the guns

I am just the Mad Hatter Experience and I only want to make you laugh

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