July 2, 2021 ~ From Cryptocurrency To NFT's ( Non Fungible Tokens ) The Future Is Here

And I am in as I am now a Art Collector and Dealer as the NFT in the picture was just $5.15 CAD and it was only the second NFT I " invested " in on WAX / Atomic Hub

This is another NFT and it was expensive as this # 1674 of 1747 no really it was just 1 WAX which when I made my investment was $0.11 USD -- I will sell / trade it for 19 WAX which would put $1.84 USD in my jeans after the fees

I am not " YET " a rich man but I am working on it as I am studying many courses on the future of currency's and I like the Crypto Asset's and NFT world

Plus I am becoming the first person that I was designed to be ( always the leader as I was trained and conditioned this way by my Dad ~ Edgar Faciote who taught me so much in the short few years we had together as he passed when I was 15 days into my 14th year on Earth he was just 45 years LIVED on Earth )

How about some tea -- only on planet EARTH do we serve GRANNY Acid Tea

This little juice factory is my new habit and I am now seeking outside investors for the DAS = Digital Asset Space

This image of a tea can was 68 WAX = $7.55

and then I Invested in 2Bored `13 and this piece was $0.13 or 1.20 WAX

we all have much and it is all going to be digital found a interesting and I thought it was right on

" If you want to bring joy to 5 billion people you need digital music, if you want to bring knowledge to 5 billion people you need digital books, and if you want to give wealth to 5 billion people you need digital property "

Michael Saylor ( CEO Micro Strategies and avid Bitcoin BTC supporter ) with some 90,000 plus BTC's in the company treasurer y )

And yes I guess the NFT's above are digital property as are my photo's - music - books - audio books -- stocks - and Crypto this all started with a $5 deposit into a high yield savings account

We all have access to what I am writing about as I live below the poverty line which h is fine as long as watch the expenses

This is the why I need to stay strong and on top of the cash flows

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