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July 27,2022:TodayA Gentleman Carved Me A Cane And It Blew My Mind ( Thank You )

I have been Mentally and Physically Hurting for over a year since the memory of the RAPE came back on June 22, 2021 and my legs are also hurting very bad ( and I mean very bad ) as pretty much every step I take now causes me pain and it really hurts but I know so many more people are hurting with COVID 19, Inflations, The War The Fires in Europe and so much more and so many, many more are living below the poverty lines with all that is occurring it seems like I am no longer the only one that is falling insane --- On Sunday the 24th I thought I could make a few people feel better and it succeeded until I reached my home and there I realized I lost my keys, FOB & Mail Key ( well there goes another $200 ) oh well this is going to hurt for a while again I guess ---- every time I do something nice I screw myself ( don't worry locks are all changed and I have to make payments but I can never ever get ahead ( EVER ) just sucks ( and then there is the GATE KEEPER AT THE LAYWER as I know my Friend Is Not Being This Nasty But it sure as hell fells like it but why isn't she giving him his messages

watch this video as many time as possible as it is important ( we think )

Nothing anymore makes any sense -- and I have known him for years and nothing is making any sense to me maybe I have gone insane

So I ended up at the hospital and they took blood and I passed out and when I came to they allowed me to go home the EMS LADIES even sewn up my long coat for me with stuff from the human sewing room

I have no idea as to how I can have such a damn bad year as I only wanted to make people people happy and I end up getting damn near BLINDED BY A 1000 WATT BULB and to rest on a FRED FLINTSTONE BED this whole damn year ( or THREE ) 2020, 2021, 2022 like what the hell is happening to my damn MIND as maybe I need to be locked up in an AYSLUM as this is crazier than hell as the people I have lost, my health I have lost, the pain that I am now in -- and I no way understand this stuff anymore as then there is the RAPE what does GOD WANT ME DEAD as how much pain and suffering am I supposed to endure

I am sitting here again at 420am and I am damn well crying again as usual as this is becoming normal again like when DAD Passed away at 14, and Mom in 1996 -- and I keep asking how much more do I needs to take of this as hole shit as I didn't do anything to anything yet and I am just getting hammered on nightly

You know after the Mental Health System & Addictions pumps 40 years worth of DRUGS into my Brain/ Mind / Body .. and did NOT HELP with one step to get me off a single damn product just added more and more and I had to get me clean on my own it at times seems like that this GOVERNMENT WANTED ME DEAD

It is way to late in my life to stay alive and I no longer wish this as it is damn hopeless as I see no point of trying as this whole last year from when the memory of the RAPE CAME BACK TILL NOW I just fucken quit as what is the point anymore as if GOD wants me to SERVE HUMANITY I NEED A DAMN BREAK as the pain in my damn body is killing me right now and HOW MUCH DO I NEEDS TO TAKE EVERYDAY --- I MEAN THIS IS EVERYDAY and I HAVE YET TO GET A BREAK IN MANY YEARS

And Elvis has screwed me over multiple times in the last two years alone and I didn't do shit to anyone as I have been out there daily SERVING GOD ( ( HIS GOD ) ) and how the fuck is this damn $ 200 going to manifest itself as I am getting screwed over again and again and again I am thinking of getting into the fucken TUB and drownedng my fucken self as all of this shit is for what a cosmic JOKE ( This is no longer funny at all anymore as this is fucken starting to get me angry ) as I have done shit to no one

And my TEETH like what the fuck the system removes all 22 of my teeth out of my mouth with ZERO DAMN FREEZING AND NO SCREAMING like who did I piss off and what the hell did I do to you or anyone as this is a fucken sick JOKE as I want a STEAK or a BURGER or a SUB


Now I have decided that there is really no point to any of this shit as what could be this point as it is not there

once again I am done as this world is so screwed up you will never know exactly know just how screwed up it is

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