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July 27, 2022~ July what you are riding around in your blue car can you go far

Today I was on the street as a POPE and a long time ago when I was in Grade 5 One of his priests RAPED ME which drove my DAD out of my home and away from me as he would not even look at me no more

Last year this was a non issue and then I had a memory and the shrink Dr Patel said our minds work this way and that was the end of my mind and then he had to show up here after the tax payer of my country paid 30 MILLION BUCK that is an expensive thought and GOD will remember the Priest as I have no idea as to what his name was

The end of this earth seems to coming soon as all the bullshit is ZOOMING IN AND THE END IS WILL BE AMONGST HUMANITY SOME

And the Rich are already building in the systems that they need to protect themselves for the poor and unkept as they are going to build the platforms so that they have all the structures that they assume built in to defend themselves from the rest of humanity ( but will it work ) or will it only be an illusion as can they really keep the poor and unkept away from them


Look at this couple as he cries and the west sends more money as they don't want Russia over here and the West Very Much Knows That is what is going to occur as a couple 100 Billion to this comic and maybe it won't cost as much as Joe Rogan or will it and what will the costs actually be ( world hunger, WW3, Then again the Ukraine was 122 on the corruption scale out of 180 and only Russia was 136 in Europe ) nice so send the money as we already know

And The Ukraine show was called = Servant Of The People = Zaleski --- Countries and snapping up the rights to " Servants Of The People " -- a Comedy Series Starring --The Ukrainian President as The Ukrainian President and the WEST Love to be Entertained DON'T WE?

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