July 3, 2021 ~ This Is A NFT That I Invested In This Week The Question Is, Would You?

Well to make a short story long this NFT was a great deal as I stand a excellent chance at doubling my investment on it

What would you offer me keeping in mind that this is on the block chain and the transaction costs are around 10-12% would you offer me $0.10 ( keeping in mind what you earn on your savings at the " REAL BANK " which is about 0.05% on your savings as a retail customer

My investment was limited by the net worth I had in my WAX / ATOMICHUB accounts and that if you gave me a dime ( $0.10 ) I would be content as I listed it at 200 WAX = $23.22 as a test to see what the market can bear and this is only one D.A. = ( Digital Asset ) that we own as a group

I have had Assets given to me, and I made a few errors from the number of Assets the Faciote Family Art & Fine NFT Gallery owns

Anyways have a great day as I have to leave my cocoon and see what is happening beyond the entrance to, The Hive

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