July 3, 2021~ Extraction Of My Teeth With Zero Freezing ~ June 22, 2016 In Stony Plain AB

That hurts -- YES it did think of getting a single tooth extracted this likely gives you an little idea of the incredible torture I was forced to endure that day as Dr Alla wasn't screwing around and still it took approx 45 minutes of HELL that I have ever either before or after that day had to endure EVER and ( BLOOD ) & ( PAIN ) ~ I was stoned on beetle juice ( psychiatric ) medications as no man, woman or anything could have endured that 45 minutes in a fully aware state with ZERO FREEZING ~ but why me?

Rats ( people ) with little support in the mental health system are ripe for the EXPERIMENTAL Mode that many fall into and they --> Can't find their way back from the Psychiatric Gulag

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