July 4, 2021 ~ The Faciote Digital Art & NFT Experience Is Created

Some days you get lucky ( OK ) everyday we are lucky to be here in this moment in history as 50-60 years ago we couldn't do a lot of the things we are doing now.

How much do you have to "Invest" in your own DE = " Digital Experience" as in the next few years, or months --- days to come

This piece was $2.27 CDN and I now will sell it for $3.27 = 44.1% that is if it takes a year to sell and we need to look at wealth / property now in a new and more miningful way as we were very limited a few years ago and as a result many people got burned as there will be another crash and the real estate bubble can't go on for ever, as history will repeat it is only a matter of time

We need to look at the NEW Math like what is you EXISTENCE Number in terms of actual dollars

In the NEW -- DA - Digital Age I picked up a penny and invested a penny now I hear your mind tumblers tumbling with the question what can you do with a penny

Okay I am going to tell you I needed 6,887 pennies to get into the DA Platform but it can be done for 4,248.75 pennies or $30.00 USD then fees ( $3.99 ) for the service that does the buy for you of a currency called WAX then the conversion from USD to CAD

This little piece of Digital Art ( NFT ) is owned by me and my cost was $0.01 and she is back on the market at $0.21 ( try that at your bank ) ya ask the BM = Bank Manager ( bowel movement ) to give you 2,000% on your investment and he will

1) laugh and

2) could raise the fees your bank charges you

Plus you don't get nothing for the forgotten penny in the account ( ZERO % ) 0% and if you save up your $68.89 to get into this Investment at leave it there for a YEAR he the Bowel Movement banker will give you 0.05% on it which translates to $0.034445 on it

Take a risk as you are only going to ( not religious any more much ) but I have a weird feeling that we might be back as a flower pot, a pair of Nike sneakers, or a piece of gum ( juicy fruit )

And this is NOT Investment Advise as what I do is for entertainment value and to keep my hands and mind busy

Have a great day

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