July 4, 2021 ~ Wake Up Calls We Need To Respond To Or Do We Want To Snooze For 40-50 Years?

I have waited a very long time for this book, a financial mystery book that began in real life in 1913 with the advent of the Federal Reserve that controls our money and in turn our lives as it is what we sell our finite time here on Earth. The Central Bank in Canada was created in 1934 -March 1935

I have decided to make the next 5 years into a study of money / economics and the as we evolve through the space I am in right now as I am totally now 100% dependent on the S.O.R. ( Structure Of Reality ) and how it moves me, and "YOU" as what is going on if you or me were doing it to others we would be put in a jail cell or in my case a Asylum ( they can do this to me and you as easy as two doctors say so ) no day in court no nothing as we are like the sheep in a pen or a hamster on the wheel in a cage "YOU" to.

That is us and I think this book that came recommended by Robert Kiyosaki is worth your investment as I am just getting into it and the terrible shit that the Federal Reserve and Bank of Canada has done to the people are quite interesting as they don't actually care about us as they only care about the money as it is blood for these people.

I am going to leave a link for the book here https://amzn.to/3wdd2gR

Now I am getting to play on the streets and get some food

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