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July 4, 2022:~ Arrested For Listening To Smarter People in The System and Beinging Kinder with 0 $

Humanity is on the way out a Spieces as we are at the era of mass greed and the when the one of LIGHT ( Lucien ) arrives in your Kingdom and differentiates, him having barely any money to feed and pay his bills himself and still has money in the shape of FOOD or A KIND WORD, ( TIME ) He becomes unusual and people start to notice

Along with the Elite of this incredible City who pretty much run and control the police department -- this year January 22, 2022 as I was set up with what was supposed to be a Trauma Therapist but when you have been a Prisoner in The AHS Mental Health & Addictions since 1992 ( and received ) ZERO HELP with my ADICTIONS none as they were hoping i would kill myself with the shit Booze, Weeds, Opiates, and Nicotine ( Cigarettes) all of which I had quite until they

Carved a HOLE where I had a Bedsore at the Coccyx (don't worry ) as it is a Tailbone where it is pretty much impossible to regrow MEAT to heal the Bedsore ( we tried the WOUND VAC for 30 Days in The Misericordia Hospital ( A Catholic Hospital ) only to a closer of less than 1 mm so the next was one of the worst day of my short life ( I am 61 ) and they chopped my BUTTOCKS all to HELL as someone was once again paid a stack of bills as a career was put on tthe line ( or maybe the compensation ) was Higher than that as this was a Catholic Church Hospital

Tonight ? Morning I sit despondent as I sit here inn my home totally bummed out over the 2 warrants I gathered between January 6th, 2022 and June 27, 2022 ( just over the 1st year that I have been dealing with the PTSD after a RAPE by a Catholic Priest DID TO ME when I was a Child in Grade 5, during the high 60's and low 70's when I still had a Mom and Dad, and of course my little sister and a dream home ( all of which would be ) my Dad moved as soon as he figured out what occurred , my dear Mother was stricken with MS and was placed in a Nursing Incarceration Camp ( Nursing Home ) in 1978 at Norwood Extended off Kingsway and it was around 1976/ 77 my little kid sister was removed from our home and placed in a home with a teacher ( and no one knows why he transfer to Regina the next year but this is what I have gathered ( no one wants to still share this name in case I went there ) But Catholic Teachers would never abuse rental kids ( he was being paid by the State to house my Sister )

I have been walking 111/112 from Kingsway to 81 st almost daily for 5 years making people happy and at the same time staying in pretty good shape and staying sober

I am done now as my body hurts daily as I was reminded that I am not 35 and I am a senior citizen and I deserve a rest ( but for what )

I have zero left for humanity ZERO as I put out over the last 5 + years ( and before I was recognized ) as The Mad Hatter Experience as I only wanted to see people happy and I say nothing in the world anymore as I am about to die

Now I have conflicting Messages as a City Police Came into MY HOME with a PACT Officer standing at the door and seemed to lay down the line saying I only get one call to Access 24 / 4 a Crisis Line here in Edmonton , Alberta Canada @ 780-424 2424 then on Monday June 4, 2022 I fell 4x and on the 4th Fall I hit so hard on my 61 year OLD KNEES I was unable to get myself up off the damn ground and a passerby a concerned citizen asked if I needed a 911 Call made on my behalf -- I said no and attempted to explain the case of getting JAILED basically for not being able to NOT CONNECT to a Trauma Therapist which I tried for for 2 full years ---the first was a Provisional Psychologist who on our first session called me 1) Delusional and 2) Stupid and it you ask people who have known me for more than a hour I am 1) NOT DELUSIONAL and or 2) ONE OF THE SMARTEST PEOPLE THEY KNOW --SO Maybe he should not make judgemental questions as such with such a short period of time

Oh then he says I can call Access 24 / 7 all that I want, now I have a nasty night with very much fear in my brain and mind / body so I reach out for yet another crisis line this one in Ottawa Ontario ( like what was I thinking ) as now I have the Police from my City on Route again Holy Shit I am digging a grave maybe as this is a country where a RAPED CHILD that makes it to ADULTHOOD still can not get any help as then this leaves me where ?

Where I am beginning to wonder if the either 1) want me dead, or 2, want to lock me up while the POPE will be in Canada as he is coming to Canada in August and Edmonton where I reside

They did this all to me as they always DRUGGED me and SAID ONE MORE PILL TO GET THIS RIGHT ( fuck ) and now I am getting this same shit right across Canada where the hell am I going to go to

If you have any ideas please let me know

And as for the 1st Trauma Therapist on my file he was removed, not just from my file but from what I have heard the Clinic and also the City

Welcome therapist 2 ) a Nurse with once again ( NO / NON / ZERO ) Training in Trauma Therapy he was let go on June 23, 2022 ( the day AFTER the Rape Memory reappeared as I now have my family doctor who has two referral's in for

1) A Psychiatrist

2) A Trauma Therapist

So in a brief and I mean a brief period of 17 days I have had had warrantes issued on my 2x and maybe the 3rd

But yesterday I managed my full walk to the Food Store Save One and I wasn't sure I make it as my legs were still sore and hurting and I was wobbley

Made a few kids in the back of parents cars wave, and smile and then as I was exiting the store was a older gentleman with a scooter which has been on my mind since the last day I went out July 4, 2022 we were talking . Price, Storage etc when a seperate midlle age man approrached me and wanted to shake my hand for making his mother / grandmother happy every time they drive bye me waving at them ( this touched me in a spot " I guess my Heart " and I becamed over whelmened my the whole this as " this is a RAW DEFINATTION of The EXPERIENCE when it connects to The Mad Hatter EXPERIENCE

It is energy, spiritual and metaphysical ( God is there at that presicise moment )

As God Is with each and everyone of us right now as the people in my town sleep and tthe people in your part maybe a wake

This was what I was when I was RAPED BY A CATHOLIC PRIEST in the Elementary School Of Albert Lacombe ( was a Catholic Missionary Priest ) I think the name of the schools have been all changed as a results of these types of events

I was innocent and had my entire 9-60 years old = 51 years of my life stolen and then as the school started to realize I was different they had me removed by Force from my Home Town with the Threat of Jail at 17 after my house was sold and this was 1978 and in a brief 5 years I would end up in the Psycho Pharmacology Lab Experiment as a Lab Rat ( Yup a Human Lab Rat ) and weird it has only been 17 days a FREE LAB RAT today and I have gathered 2 warrants, it is almost it is almost like a invisible HAND PULLING ME BACK TO MY CAGE AS THEY CAN NEVER ALLOW ME ANY FREEDOM ( EVER ) NOT EVEN ON MY LAST DAYS AS I SAW WHAT THEY DID TO MY MOM ( BASTARDS )

so I have been abused all my life less the very first few when I was deemed boy genius as I would read and devour ever book on every subject I wanted to learn upon

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