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July 4, 2022:~ Enticing A Citizen To Call 911, And Then Getting Pissed Off With Everything

This was me in a younger days around the time that I was Sexual Assaulted and had to live through how it destroyed my family -- Today I went out and my legs were sore as I only walked 3.8 KM and I have had multiple days at 5+ km and I have been making people happy as well as keeping my mind away from the Sexual Assault

Today the mad hatter experience is over, forever as I was charged again this is twice since the 27th of June -- July 4, 2022 in 6 days and 1 day already spent under a 1000 watt light and that Fred Flintstone bed that I guess is for the mentally ill as we have to torture them even more than the suffering that they already live with as a stone mattress for a 61 year old man with chronic pain that started in 1987 ( a solid rock bed ) and a 1000 watt light bulb where is compassion

This citizen Conrad who was concerned to call 911 I was unable to get up at the time he called and needed help when the Ambulance arrived by the EMS workers to get into the Ambulance

So then the Police were called as I didn't want to go to the hospital 1 hour later and I was charged with misuse of 911 even when I did not even call

this is what I have faced all my life as people with Mental Illnesses are taken advantage of all the time in so many ways

You know right now at 9 pm ( I was in the Hospital at 5 Pm ) now my left knee has flared again -- they want to hurt me as I am a Mental Patient and they want me locked up as I have likely pissed off someone ( Elite in the City ) and now I have to pay the price

The City of Edmonton Alberta has finally lost a Hero according to people that have put the comix in the Internet

I am done

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