July 7, 2021 ~ Bones Is All We Become ~ So What Are We?

The human body is approximately 99% comprised of just six elements: Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus. Another five elements make up about 0.85% of the remaining mass: sulfur, potassium, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium.

I am reading a book on the Soul, Energy, Light that is still not measured and we are it would seem so much more than 11 chemicals ( but it can't be measured in a lab )

I am just going to forever laugh at everyone as the slavishly go to the office and other assorted past times to earn money

First for the Government -- And these are normal people ( and I am the crazy one ) I get it you all needed a reason to drug the shit out of me --- but you wake up at 530-600 am to give the government 35-45% of all you earn

Then you pay your Banker 30-40% for rent / mortgage and these folks are like magicians as they create money out of the air and make you jump through hoops so you can pay 20% of your savings ( that you saved in their banks ) and they can give you a 200,000$ loan payable over 25 - 30 years

And I am the crazy one I get it they needed a victim that would not talk did you know I almost lost this avenue of talking and no one would help me out for $121.39 to keep it running for another year ( and then I found out I have to pay another $224 USD for the service for another 2 year period sometimes in October 2021 )

But that is okay right as your all laughing at the show I put on for you and somehow living below the poverty line, getting all my teeth yanked out of my head with ZERO FREEZING is okay as I am not your damn responsibility -- there is much more that is coming out now as I started with a BEHAVIORAL CONSULTANT ( Nurse ) a few days ago and already services that I was drawing upon have been restricted ( F ) but who cares it is just the crazy guy with the hat, " it is that damn hat "

And don't forget the RRSP ( Canada ) and the 401k, and other asset product that YOUR FINANCIAL CONSULTANT is saying that you should invest 10% of your earned money ( and you need to TRUST wallstreet ( USA ) or Bay Street ( Canada )

BUT shit does it matter that inflation in May was 5% and the CPI was 3% and that you get a lousy 4% raise ( when the boss thinks you've been a good WORKER SLAVE BEE and the contract that you just brought in put $200,000 a year in his pockets ( maybe you get a one time bonus ) and the FED will take 30-40% ( you should give it to wall street / or bay street and let them rip you off too )

Is this why I am crazy and had to give up my life to the game for 37 months when I crashed out in 2013 and needed to be pulled back in so I would be allowed to reset

The big RESET is now coming for all of you as our little slave lives need to be organized

And why did all the Global Elite Billionaire's make 25-40% on there assets when the masses went into bankruptcy and had to lose things

Was this a fluke or was it all pre-planned a few months before hand and now the saying works even better ( The Rich GOT Richer And The Middle Class Got Poorer and The Poor well Ramon noodles are not that bad three times a day ) RIGHT ???

I lost and now I leave as this place sucks totally

Your Priest got me when I was a boy in grade 5, you sadistic dentist Dr All got me by forcibly yanking all my teeth out of my head / face when I was supposed to be under the lookout / care of a Group Home / or was it a Prison Camp run by an equally dangerous sub human named Florence Arnold

My crime was I was a supposed mentally ill human and I needed to be hidden from society

I was so medicated by my Doctor Thaker across the street from the Dental Place and I had no chance at all ---

was just reminded I need to be mindful or my words your system rapes me, both in the ass by the priest and then a dentist

But i can say F U

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