July 8, 2021 ~ Whose Next? This Is How It Began, I Never Confessed Again As It Cost Me Everything

Elementary school Grade 5 and The Catholic Church Brought The Confessional Booths To My School into the Gym, at Father Albert Lacombe School District # 3 not sure what I confessed but within a year my family was totally wiped out and destroyed and I was 9 or 10 years old and I go from a Straight A student to a year later the needed to set up for the first time ever a " special needs class " for a few students including me as I was not a problem I just could no longer focus on the lessons at all - My Dad would not be able to handle his first and only son being a screw up ( "scatter brain" his words )

I would somehow end to at the Rectory at the Church on the hill in St Albert and I was hurt like Catholic Priests know how to hurt little boy's ( it hurt ) and worse was when my parents found out -- that was horrible -- dad moved out very soon after as he could not deal at all with this stuff

It began coming back little bits here and little bits there began on June 6, 2021 and I couldn't deal with anything and pretty much I gave up it was just psychiatric abuses at the start and it could be traced back to the fact that I stood up to a multi-billion dollar government mismanaged insurance corporation and I would single handily cause a government facility to be closed down, the CEO Ken Pals and The Executive and Board were all terminated it was 1987 the day was March 15, 1985 ( injury day ) I was 24 when I was injured and a 26 year old skinny weed and alcohol user ( I hadn't lit my first cigarette up at this time ) as I would start after the event and they found out that giving me the benefits I was supposed to receive would have been a lot cheaper financially -- as this shut down and termination cost mega money ( but the land likely brought in a bit of cash ) I would be charged a few days later with uttering threats did a 30 day bit at the OLD ERC

And then I was sentenced to 9 B South a very freaky and hardcore mental health unit at AHE it was subsequently closed as I had ice baths nightly 1/2 hours, it was hardcore, I had my bed set on fire and escaped narrowly from being burned up, had my ability to manage my own money taken away from me and given to the Public Trustee ( Leslie Hill ) and I was locked in a black room for hours, days at a time injected with a chemical called Haloperidol,

the bucket was in the corner for my biological duties ( I was forgotten about in a isolation room stoned on their drug of choice for that season )

After I suffiently messed up on a chemical cocktail designed my a new version of a Dr Mengle

They gave me a PILL a massive white pill and a aweekend pass and sent me home I have no idea as to how I got home but I remember the phone wasn't working and I started to trip out after taking that white pill and I couldn't call anyone for help so I went to a payphone and I had no cash

I went home and started to think people were watching me so I said to my stoned on Psychiatric Medications ( that one large white pill ) I said " watch me die " and since the Trustee and the Cleaning Group he hired ( on his own with my money ) left a fruit bowl of pain killers, mental medication and I sat at the computer and on a monochrome monitor typed a suicide letter out then I ate as many of the ( Fruit Bowl Pills ) as I could and put myself into a coma where I was found a few days later

This is all as a direct result of Standing up for something I proved was wrong and I made it right

I was found and taken to the Misercordia Hospital here in Edmonton and placed in the ICU where I stayed for 2 plus weeks till I came out of the coma ( I now am taking full responsibility for ) even though I was set up --

Then I was taken to a surgery unit as I got a bedsore that they sent me to surgery 2 x and took skin graphs off my right leg

I was at everyone mercy as I couldn't walk after being in a ICU as long as I was and my physio therapist was straight from hell as she tormented me daily to get me to walk as I needed to relearn this skill I learned as a kid

Then it was of to the mental unit and this is a hell on earth too run by a Dr Lobo who loved chemistry -- and I was a test tube ( that is all ) as I was once again experimented on at the age of 24 - now 60 and I am one of the last mental patients from a time gone by

I had a friend who told me to take 300 pills and not call again well Dawnie Fowler of Richard Fowler Junior High in St Albert ( a christian a damn catholic christian who crucifies Christians for sports )

I am leaving now as this world i way to fucked up as you can't even trust a priest anymore ( and shit that was back in 1970 / 71 ) they likely now have a training program to teach the new recruits how not to not get caught

Then they made me seem crazy so no one would listen to me ( okay this is your life ) and you should allow your children to stay over at the priests houses

A good friend said I need to ask for money ( this is not about damn paper with dead notables painted on that we were trained in schools to get as many as we can ) I want an apology for the total destruction of my fucken life my family and the life of everyone else as this shit has gone on long enough now ( HASN'T IT )

People are burning down places of worship -- this is NOT right either

I no longer have shit for answers ( nor does anyone else ) it is all a mess and as a society and leaders of the Governments / churches / we need to address all of this as bad shit is already going on

I'm just tired of all of this shit now all of it

I mean when a book salesman can commission a $500,000,000 boat for his pleasure and another a car salesman can go to the moon with his companies

when is enough enough as those two richest men in the world could solve so much bad shit if they wanted to and shit they likely could get richer doing it too

Are Morals are messed up by greed

And we can't trust anymore ( anyone ) as this thing over the last 16 months has changed up and we will never go back to normal as we knew it as even the USA lead puppet campaign was designed on

Build Back Better

So is a section of the Agenda 21 program = You will own nothing and You will be happy

I saw this all unfolding when I was in my prison cell for 12 / 911 calls I served 88 days @ 23 hours a day locked up as a Schitzoaffective Disorder Sufferer they attempted to break me it survived somehow as I made a deal with God / Jesus that I would serve humanity for the rest of my days on earth ( what you think i was only doing this to please YOU ) I made a deal and my word is my bond and there is no going back no more

I am ready to die now

as I am in much pain as a direct result of attempting to make you happy, are YOU HAPPY yet?

I am as I did something meaningful with my last few years of Circus Earth ( what did you do to make it better for others ) MEANINGFUL

Night all be nice and play nice as this is likely the last and only time we get

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