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July 9, 2022:~ My Mom & Dad Always Taught Me To Do What The Right Things Were / Are As Humanity Were

Meant to suffer as Jesus did on the Cross for all all of Humanity and maybe I listened as so people around me say Lucien you sure have gone through some shitty experiences some were bad --- Getting RAPED in Grade School 1969 / 1972 sure was not meaningful in a good way but it taught me to suffer, spending a Christmas season in a Homeless Shelter is also not on the top of my lists of things I wish to repeat ( waking up on December 25, 2013 ) and having to be out of the warmth of inside to go into the cold winter with no food yet, but for the DORM O Pantry for the 24 Men I made sure had something was hard but also a joy very few will ever in their life's experience ( I can't remember what I bought for them that morning it I think it was cookies ./ or mini cakes the night before ) we had something as these men were my friends as I shared a bedroom space with them ( I was lucky as I do know it was cold that morning however I remember that during the season for my first time since I was a child myself I was dragged out of the crowd and a Young Lady that was looking after the skating area in the front of City Hall convivences me a Homeless 51 year old to put skates on my feet last time I tried was 15--16 years old and skate around with the kids already on the ice, Melissa was the Ladies Name and I had an experience of my life, and there was a young girl in a purple balloon suit and a massive orange balloon and this young girl and her young friends would continuously push the orange balloon at me in a attempt to knock me off my skates / feet, and after what seemed a long time as i was so tired i fell straight upon my back and cried out " Thank You Lord I AM A LIVE " after i got off the ice and out of the skates I called the kids that played with me on the ice over to thank them for allowing me a old guy an experience the time of my life as that was as at the time people from all over the area were watching me PLAY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WELL FOREVER AND I even had pictures of the Stanley Cup in the same time, was weird as as soon as my the last guy in line had my pictures taken the Lord Stanley at another date had his cup packed away it was on my iPhone ( this would disappear when I was changed with some mischief charge that cost me 30 days in ERC plus more time in The Forensics Building at AHE and a long more bunch time in 10 building in AHE then a Satellite Home, then Back to AHE then To a Nightmarish Place Called Dwayne's Home, ( then some covert place that I was locked in a room with a couple of nurses at the door 24 / 7 then back AHE ( I have no idea as to the how this occurred I suspect I was knocked out ) then out to the country under a crazy lady Commandant Florence Arnold where I was held for 11 months until they removed

ALL MY TEETH I HAVE REMAINING SOME 22 AFTER I WAS DRUGGED TO A POINT BY THE psychiatrist was told to see a Dr Theaker ? and a Char a SW when they had me drugged well enough that I could no longer pee in the bowl standing upright they took me a dentist Dr Alla ( Deker??) in Stony Plain ( by the hospital ) where the doctor was at and she proceeded to YANK ALL MY TEETH OUT OF MY HEAD / MOUTH WITH ZERO FREEZING AND NO SCREAMING AS SHE CLAIMED SHE HAD CHILDREN IN HER CLINIC .. SOME 45 MINUTES THE BLOOD WAS FLOWING AS SHE HAD TO SCREW TTHE GUMS AND SHE USED SOME KID OF FISHING LINE


GRUEL ( ONE BLENDS ANY AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IN A HIGHSPEED BLENDER AND AFTER I AM SEATED AT A THE BOWL ( IMAGINE A DOG BOWL ) SHE WOULD POOR THIS GOOP INTO MY BOWL , I WAS ONLY FED BUT ONE TIME A DAY AFTER THIS WHICH WOULD LAST TILL JUNE 30, 2016 AND I SNAPPED AND CALLED FOR HELP 811 HEALTH LINK A QUICK / AND SMART THINKING NURSE SAID YOU DON'T SOUND THE SAME RIGHT NOW SO I DID MY ( TOOTHLESS / GUMS IN BONDAGE ) VOCALS I could use and she was sad I think and she called a 911 for me, and then when we were 1/2 way out from the City of Spruce Grove we pulled over and the crew switched and i have been told this never occurs ( I was tripping as I was for the first time in 11 months free of that place ) --But am I free now or will I ever be free and free from what and whom -- How Long Did Nelson Mandela do 27 years where am I on this scale first of all my scale is a Global Scale and very few know the history ( how the hell did Grandpa and Grandma and family get from Alger's, Algeria , Africa to Edmonton, Alberta Canada

How long is it for me as did they ever stop 52 years ( pretty much all my life ) ( 9 childhood years ) no wonder I know shit about anything especially GIRLS / LADIES

I have some ideas and they are spread both by reading 20-30 pages a day pretty much every day and writing every were I can --- as this have damn well gone on all that time

But here i am tonight as i guess we all got screwed with the phone wired phone being down all day until 1130 pm

I Called at 10:47pm the call was Cancelled as were all calls across Canada on the Wireless

Called back at 1130pm Told I already had my call ( yup but the phone was down ) remember

Next Day July 9, 2022

Call made at 252am LING ( I had my call )

And obviously no one knows what the hell is actually happening and they would like to see me a RAPE VICTIM in JAIL For a Extra 1 or 2 Calls to Edmonton's ONLY Crisis LINES for suffering from PTSD on the 19th day since I terminated my SHRINK for always missing 10-12 minutes of my 30 minute sessions every 6 weeks ( This one is 1 month 27 days ) I would say I am being persecuted

Haven't I suffered for Humanity ( try losing 22 teeth with ZERO FREEZING and no SCREAMING )

And that was all most the easy part as I had to relearn to EAT again I have had to Relearn to walk I was denied a Bath Tub Bath from October 15, 2018 when the bedsore on my coccyx ( tail bone ) till around the middle of June 2022 = 1,340 days, = 3 years, 8 months and 1 day, or 44 months and 1 day ( and 44 was my Family Home Address, as Someone always brings it round ) Light A Number System DEST brought up Tarot and So Has AK ( I love warm baths and I took great pleasure but it was taken but the team ( AKING JWONG and GSAL ) amongst others - this was very hard also as I was not a real person and I still can't get on a Mountain Bike

This system that has run the Experiments on me has taken so much from me as it began but they knew something a very lot about me or I would never be in this place as I did some thing worse than some phone calls --- did I actually kill Jerry when I was a child on that Minibike that I also blocked out until the last year and the RCMP figured it out now as the PTSD opened a channel in my mind / brain // head what the fuck is happening to me anymore

I don't understand much of anything as are you tampering the very few medicines that I still get as I am taking them but it looks like I am not as this is silly as I get a Blister Pack supposed to be on Thursdays and I have like 2+ here now and I have not missed a day and I don't get it but I also am passing out daily all the time as what is occurring to me right now



Need a Report on a Behind a Phone Report as I am in a weird place this morning

I got so lost in all the multi coloured pills from all the BIG PHARMA Companies over all the years I was a test tube --- I am hoping to and doctors from all parts of the testing different therapies and technique's on my mind / brain / body and soul

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