June 14, 2021 ~ NFT Line In The Making

This is a venture I started on June 11, 2021 The Culture Peoples Association

Well today was a brutal day as I tried to negotiate with everyone as I was short on the economy's of scale

As while a lot of people do R.T. = Retail Therapy when they are down I had to even screw that up as I took a page off of my Mom & Dad's books and took a gamble on I.T. ( Investment Therapy ) as I convert from cash to D.A. -- Digital Assets

I as well as most people in the world are 92% Digital Assets as your bank is now Digital yes they have a Walk in branch ( for now )

I though this intense last 2 weeks of hell that I have NEEDED to go through in Order to be where I am today

Lets ROCK this " space " as I think we all know what and who I am ( really am ) as I say all the time

" I WAS before I Was and I ALWAYS WAS "

Now do you want to work with me and us or do you wanna keep doing whatever you have been doing

But I have a big question -- " Is that getting you what you want? "


You know waking at 530-6am - 5 days a week to get in a cold shower eat some shit sugar rush food shit shave, do your hair, get in the same box you drive in weather and the time not fit for a dog, drive to the box, ride the box up to the box, talk on the box data process on a box reverse it and head home to the box they allow you to have and to change it up maybe have a cylinder to not think of doing it again for the next 4 days so you can get 2 off to get shit faced so you don't have to think about the 5 named days you traded for 2

Shake and repeat for 40-50 years ( if you are lucky )

In fact were all screwed right now

Have a nice day tomorrow at the office

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