June 17, 2021 ~ Day 133 Of Being 60 Years Older Than I Was Before I Was

The BULLIES continue to come at me as fast and as hard as they can today a good ( was ) friend nailed me again I keep letting him off the hook as of his circumstances ( he is in a MENTAL HOSPITAL for the last 7 plus years ) and I feel sorry for him as the world is going bye

But AK YOU ARE A BULLY and Therefore it is with great regret I am ending the relationship that I have had with you since I first saw you sitting there on the floor of 3 / 7 on April 30, 2014 -- 2,605 days or 7 year 1 month 18 days

I am 60 years old you young shit 39 and I am no longer going to be in your corner when you get down cause they took a privilege away cause you mess up over and over and over

You don't have many people in your life my old friend and now you have even one less as I am not going to allow you into my life and world ever again as this time you went way too far telling me how I should feel as you berated me

I like you and now I can't put me in that place ever again to be hurt by you as you are a mean hurtful person who preaches love and causes pain on the next breath as AK39 I am done the lines are all called blocked as are the emails ( sad as I liked you and will miss you ) but I am going to protect me from the likes of BULLIES like you

You know that BULLYING is against the LAW Aaron and after what you did to get yourself ( and you need to take responsibility for your actions just like we all do ) as Bro you screwed up and now it was your mental illness ( well most people with mental illnesses do not do what you did to your dad )

Good Bye dude

Don't ever call here again


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