June 18, 2021 ~ Looked In My Mirror And I Saw You Along With Me

Today I Learned The Rule You Do NOT Want To Find Yourself In as I was -- Taken Off Line and De-Listed By The Bank


Yup -- They Got Us ~ The Doctor ~The Lawyer ~ The Food Merchant they rich even that do not have the right pedigree, in this world that they created as it is amazing to watch as people have bought into a life they think is real and they don't look under the Veil Of Reality (V.O.R.)

Wage Slave Prisons I have experienced ~ a call center rep, the warehouse, the movie theater,

However I somehow ended up broken and a throw away ( but we don't actually throw people away ) we let them do it themselves we only provide the mechanisms ( drugs, [ weeds, pills ] etc, and booze, ) and hope it happens

But the WSP ( Wage Slave Prisons ) come is other shapes as I will talk about from the office in the sleek high-rise, to the drugstore and counting pills all day, to a merchant dealing with rent and employees who are in turn also dealing with their own servitude somehow it is all encompassing including your friendly banker ( been at my bank since 1997 ) they don't care as I went off line faster than you can get a burger at a fast food place ( another prison ) as they are sometimes not that friendly

Tonight as I am alive and here in the city of my birth, I ponder how society ( the 99% ) could have allowed this to occur

Well my dear Father who passed on February 19, 1975 had me working for him when I was pretty much toilet trained and he told me ( a pay check is what they give you to cancel your dreams )

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