June 19, 2021 -- My Favorite Drug Addict ~ Pill Boy 01 Listed On Rarible

Okay I used to do a lot of Pills and when I saw Pill Boy 01 it was addiction meets hero all at once and I ended up with a couple copies of him, as he is a NFT - Non Fungible Token and I was planning on giving a copy away to my friend if he would get into this " space " as this is a new place and space to be and you can make money a lot of money and you also can lose a lot of money if you are not careful and aware of what you are doing ( I am learning )

Pill Boy # 01 was captivating at the simplicity of him and I knew I was going to own at least 1 and I put a bid in on 3 @ 0.001 ETH = $2.42- USD I won and I became a father to Pill Boy

# 01 -- and then the creator did something I didn't expect as he MINTED 100K he pulled it at 78 copies ( that is all that ever will be ) and I own 3 copies

I am / was and am still learning about all of this NFT ( " space " ) and I don't totally know nor understand all of this ~ and yet I am experiencing ~ a situation like this only occurs don't know but I am kind of lucky and Blessed to have scored a home run with Pill Boy # 01 as the minimum you can get a copy is now at 2.5 ETH which right now translates into $5,612 USD and there is a copy listed at 6.66 ETH which is $14,851 USD

I am not selling at this time as I am having a software / hardware issue that is effecting my life and world on Rarible.com

If you wish to see my collection and explore this amazing world my address is rarible.com/drhatterz

Hey happy collecting

The Future is NOW

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