June 19, 2021 ~~ Hatters Emporium Store & More Than I Knew

A few weeks ago ( 48 days ) I earned a buck and a half ( $1.50 CAD ) on doing a simple survey and I was content as I don't need much anymore as when you have little you learn to utilize LSD eXperiment techniques to change the reality of the SOR ---Structure Of Reality and LSD isn't the drug it is Life Style Design and I have been working super hard on ME since I decided to take more PR ( Personal Responsibility) Factor over me and my actions I think I have changed since that date 202 days ago ( November 28, 2020 )

It was 32 days ago I earned my first Cryptocurrency ( earned ) with zero money invested and it was cool as I still hadn't taken a JOB and a Paycheck as not that I think there is anything wrong with working I myself have been working all my life at survival and some days I didn't eat much and some days I only " thought about food " * boy scouts and the Holy Bible * along with my Mom & Dad taught me this stuff and I was very, very Blessed for the few years I actually had a family as my parents NEVER hit us EVER -- YOU listened to your parents when I grew up and did what they asked and it would work out and maybe the lessons would take a long time to figure out ( sometimes a life time ) like for me and the paycheck lesson ( I remember that first pay check when I was 14 I was gone as soon as I received it ) and dad was right I played accordion ( like a good Italian boy ) and when I got that check it ended the dreams and I was good as I was 2nd best in the entire music school ( ya I had private music lessons for years ) as I never was raised to be NORM-AL ( Mediocre or Average ) I was conditioned to be a LEADER & TEACHER ( NOT a school teacher as that is taught in a brief period of time 4 -6 years, and they are NORM-AL and a lot of them are Mediocre ) it how they are " conditioned and trained " in a culture to create more workers for the work place

You see the boy with pony --- > WAS ME and I have the PICTURES to Prove IT lol, my dad loved his camera's and shit I even have somewhere the 8 mm and Super 8 film rolls I think and I was the

Boy with the PONY and Horses ( 7 ) yes living in the then town of St Albert we had pretty much anything my dad wanted

And Hawks ( Peregrine Falcon, Sparrow Hawk, and Night Hawk ) I kid you not " my " DAD Taught me all this stuff before he left earth at 45 years old a kid ( Fu*K ) but he lived more in his short spark than most people ever do

Lesson of the Pay Check ( "when you take the check you forfeit your dreams" )

I didn't live 14 years under the towers of the plastic factory in St Albert Grandin area on Riel Drive ( we had dads horses next door to the towers and I always wondered what went on in there ) shit I just now had a thought from Junior High shop class I made a plastic screwdriver did I get screwed in this Matrix of My Life ( It is weird when your " awareness become aware of its awareness " ) damn mind experiments all my life till I started to wake up November 28, 2020

Man did that damn plastic factory mess me up it was about 6 months after I lost my dad and then I lost my life as one long night at the factory doing mind numbing repetitive bullshit one of my co-workers ( that was new too (co-workers) as I only worked for dad up until that point ) and shit I was 14 -- turned me onto weeds 1975 ( I was already drinking to deal with the pain of the loss and I was doing man things like making sure the bills were taken care of and making sure we had food -- and after a few nights of getting high I was dealing drugs at school to help with the bills at home and buy a few things for me ( and I am ashamed about this ) it ended on October 13, 1978 when I was living on my own in a nightmare run down motel on the St Albert trail ( the RCMP showed up with a search warrant and I was stopped cold ) as I was already too messed up and going to jail wasn't yet on the bucket list ( and it still isn't ) I have the search warrant still and it soon to be a NFT as it saved my life once and I know it can again and it will as I know people who WILL pay to own a piece of my journey as I didn't just wake up here in Little Italy one day and Be The Mad Hatter Experience ( This entire reality has been brought to you all by GOD )

Fast forward to 2021 and June 12 ( 7 days ago ) and www.HattersEmporium.com went live and while it needs a lot of work still I am kind of in a odd state as this was a dream when Emery's Pipe Shop in Grandin Mall sold me Candies and Stuff in the 60's & 70's

This whole f'n planet raised me all 7.9 Billion of YOU ( God I am Blessed ) and Now it is my turn to

Serve HUMANITY at an even HIGHER ( no drugs ) Level

` You know 32 days ago -- ( I earned my first Crypto )

10 days ago I minted my first NFT's

7 days ago I opened my first store ( I have a plan for more ) however I need too get this one running on itself with minimal supervision, then again Children need to be cared for and she [ the store ] is a child and she is mine ( not my first born but one of )

87 days I decided upon my definite purpose and started the process laid out in the book called Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill at https://amzn.to/3vLK0Vq this book was handed me years ago by a man named Sam who would go on to save my physical life when he had me stopped and altered it would see me changed and tortured but I am alive and for this I am in debt to Sam as I wouldn't be here today was it not for his kindnesses and there were many and I mean many instances

Dad Lesson ( " Always find good in bad " )

It has been 556 MONTHS Since Edgard Paul Faciote passed away at the young age of 45 years young wow what a life you showed me

Dad taught me so many things and tonight was the reflection day as when he passed I lost everything and it also took me 556 MONTHS to figure this stuff out

That by the way is 46 years and 4 months exactly ( and I didn't know that when I began this post ) = 16,922 days

He has been gone longer than he was here

Thank you Sam, Elvis, Blanche, Melissa and all of the rest of you for giving a damn well I sorted this stuff out mentally ( MINDSET ) is EVERYTHING and I finally figured some real serious stuff out today ( yesterdays too )

Thank YOU Claude Duguay for turning me on to NLP in the 80's when I was coming undone it really helped me ( A Lot )

And Thank YOU for shopping and stopping in to this page and the new store at www.HattersEmporium.com HE Lives

Lucien a Co-Founder along with the "Spirit" of Fast Eddie ( my DAD )

Is there any doubt that he was Fast Eddie Faciote / Facciotti and I am Proud to Be HIS First and Only 1st Born ( that I know of ) and I am Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote / Facciotti II as I was name after Grandpa Lucien Facciotti who arrived in Canada in 1948 from Algeria with his children to start again and this makes me 1st Generation Canadian and I am Blessed that Grandpa Facciotti had the incredible foresight to choose Canada, Alberta, Edmonton for his New Home in The New Country

Now to create some wealth for MY Peoples

Wow Thank You

Who could NOT ask for a BETTER Business Partner

God I am Blessed the Spirit Lives On Dream Theater


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