June 2, 2021 ~ In The Dog House With The Mad Hatter

Well for a long time I / we have heard of the Doge' Token Coin it @ 401am is at $0.39554 USD up 22.25% in 24 hr this is how and why people are making a living trading cryptocurrency

And it's half brother Shiba is @ 0.00001111 CAD up 2.72% in 24 hr

And @ 436am

Bitcom - BTC = $37,157.87

Ethereum = ETH = $2,687.08

Cardano - ADA = $1.77

When I started my QUEST to understand this space of Digital Currency / Assets, Cryptocurrency I needed a place with multiple sources of information from many people and I didn't buy / earn my first Bitcoin until just May 17, 2021 as the sky feel in on everyone that week and I didn't cash out as I was going to do as when it is going down we sometimes get "paper hands" and lose our positions and minds as you only lose if the Mr Market is down when you sell

Source I found for great information as I said at


Sign up and as I say "Learn / Earn & Grow " it's free to educate yourself

Thank you for stopping in and see YOU In The Future

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