June 20, 2021 The Psychiatric Gulag System Of Alberta

Holy sh*t this is a true story about my internment in ~ The Psychiatric Gulag System Of Alberta which began in 1983 and I am still there now to this date and freedom for me has only been an illusion as maybe now by writing about I might one day have a peace in my life that so many enjoy. I was sucked into the Gulag System at the young age of 22 and I am now 60 that is a 38 year sentence for what?

What was the perceived crime -- or was I just a test tube for all the drugs that the S.O.R. brought on board since 1983 to now. A guinea pig of science and why I wonder as most of the "specimens" from the 1980's are and have been dead for many years:

The last hospitalization was short, 14 days on a 30 day certificate all because the Gulag System pretty much saw the flaw in what was happening to me as I am and never was a bad man but I was LIED TOO for "PROFIT" -- They USE actual HUMAN BEINGS in this EXPERIMENT

I was sentenced to 30 days right from the doctors office and then I was forced to endure the CASKET for a weekend as they brought me in on a Friday and I would be there till Monday before being transferred -- and everyone knew it was wrong and everyone as the system broke down on me again as it seems to have a really strange habit of doing as were as "specimums" not supposed to be held more than 24 hours in the CASKET at the Royal Alex Hospital in Edmonton Alberta Canada -- there is no windows and the air is pumped ina and I was there for 72 hours and the good meaning staff were seemingly aware that what was happening was wrong as I had Nurses and Doctors ( Psychiatrists ) apologizing for the screw up ( words don't fix the mental torture that occurs when you can't see out a window at all as when I say it is a CASKET it IS)

I was sent to the University of Alberta Hospital from there as the Mazinkowski Heart Clinic ( Hospital ) is attached as it seems that they were concerned with my heart now and that is where they sent me as my Heart was beating in the 30's to 40's I would meet a Cardio Team and I was tested and old records were pulled and cross checked ( this was October 2019 )

I was there for a day or two and I was given hospital building privileges ( I could wonder about the hospital for 15 o 30 minutes to start ) the next day I was allowed to go home if I brought all my medications back and I was allowed day passes daily after that as I guess they wanted me away from the facility as I had the HAT on as IT IS ALL IN THE HAT and I would be discharged 14 days after I was unjustly taken away with no charges except a doctor that wanted to punish me got his way as that is the way the Mental Health Act works

It is al subjective and is not really based on science as the medications are the same as we actually have zero ideas ( but the system in Alberta, Canada pay the bill as Mental Health this year is $142,887,000 and Health is $23,000,000,000 YUP that is 23 Billion and 143 Million for mental health and is it a wonder that they cut services as there is no money and we have to trust the Government and the Doctors ( DON'T TRUST THEM )

Then we have to go back to 2013 when my 37 month ride through The Psychiatric Gulag System Of Alberta began and this would cost approximately $2,200,000 ( where I would be warehoused anywhere they could find a slot in the Gulag System ) it began by being late for a rental payment as I was helping others and I was walking and waving much like zi do now less the hat

WAREHOUSED with nothing and no ability to even make a can of soup or a simple box of Mac & Cheese ( no rights at all for most of it ) why I was late with a rental payment of $500 I paid $500 and was short $500 for the first time ever in my life

37 months September 4, 2013 to October 1, 2016 tortured mentally, physically and I would have 22 teeth removed from my face / mouth on June 22, 2016 ( WITH NO FREEZING AT ALL ) and you just cringed didn't you as yes the pain was real very real as shit I am ( was a human at the time ) but I see how the species treats one another and I to cringe

Remember my crime was I missed $500 on my rental apartment and it cost me all my stuff for 37 months and my teeth and all of your tax money about $2,200,000

You do know that a High School Education / Employment Conditioning can be done in just 36 months and you would have 6 months off to do whatever you wanted called, summer holidays. But for me during my sentence I had zero time off zero I had to be tortured, humiliated, drugged and ultimately MAIMED

And the suffering goes on still till today as I am still ebing " drugged " and didn you ever attempt to eat with no teet or even with dentures that NEVER ever fit as I think that they were taken from a dead guy and sold to me ( and YOU paid for my SUFFERING ) which makes everyone comolictate as you something is wrong and you did not say anything becasue of YOUR FEAR of what could happen to YOU ( so we allow CRIMES against HUMANITY ) to occur as a result of our silence

Oh and we have excuses (what can I do?) well do nothing and you allow it and that is why this shit happened to me

You / we all as a society don't actually care if it involves sticking our necks out for another living being but we quietly cut the checks so we can wash our hands of our social adn moral obligations to our fellow humans as we say there deserve what they get

And besides that I have a Mental Illness as diagnosed by a actual doctor who gets paid to say that stuff so she / he has a hand in the crimes against me / us

This is just post one in the series of Humans Treat Each Other Like Shit and they then go to the BIG BOX CHURCH and it is forgiven

Maybe in the EYES of a fellow sinner ( but KARMA always works, ALWAYS )

Well I need to go as I have to go find few bucks as I am broke ( as I invested $121.17 in this very blog your reading and well since I live below the poverty line ) I should be more careful with my money I know as ( yes I should smoke cigarettes, weeds and drink the booze, pop the pills, watch the cable or the Netflix ) but since I am solid and clean and sober and don't even own a TV -- yes I buy books ( as you can't get much smarter in front of a big screen BOX and the North American average TV Time

According to the A.C. Nielsen Co., the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day (or 28 hours/week, or 2 months of nonstop TV-watching per year). In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube.

Your call but hey I am crazy ( and not normal right ) after all I wear a BIG GREEN HAT you be NORMAL / Average this is what you get

You get up at 530--6 am dress, shit, piss, have a sugar rush of cereal out of a box, you drive in a box, listen to the box, get to the box office park the box under a box, take the box to the box office work in a box, talk on a box, type on a box -- reverse on the way home and then for a change crack a cylinder and watch the BOX

And Mr / Mrs Normal does this for 40--50 years to maybe BUY 10 years of freedom

And YOUR Society has the BALLS to say I am crazy ( Schitzoaffective Disorder ) diagnosed by a doctor that has a monetary interest in having me under her / his care and by a DRUG INDUSTRY from BIG PHARMA to the MA & PA DRUG STORE -- it is all profit based ALL OF IT and were not talking small money here either one of my medications is $600 every 28 days that is $7,822 a year and when I am 65 it will be up to me somehow to pa 30% ( $2,346 / year ) for this illness that I question if it is even real ( I know listen to my doctor ) and I would but I spent from March 15,1985 to November 9, 2010 on Various Opiates that is over 25 years and this is because I trusted a bunch of people that dressed up in doctor costumes in a really twisted movie called " Were Going To Have You Kill You With These Medications " ( and then I was clean up until January 3, 2019 this is over 8 years and I got cleaned up myself as the doctor was about to lose a cash cow and the only thing Dr John Henderson was good for at that stage was to write my order for the Methadone Reduction Program I put myself on and it took from April 16, 2010 to November 9, 2010 to come clean and it was hell as most people of Methadone can't do this ( it was 207 days that is a bit over 6 months ) and this was harder than the weeds, done in 2006, the cigarettes 2007 and now the Opiates 2010 no treatment programs like WTF do we always need someone to hold our hands when we work on improving our quality of life

Then again I am not NORMAL and I have to do things MY way as I know what is right and now I am in a battle for my life and world

This Society allowed my life an innocent one a child to have his life stolen and we sat back and lived our lives and had I have died well he was crazy




I am now retired and I don't need to be 65 as now I create my life ( DRUG FREE ) and save the shit line " TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR "

She needs me more then I need her ( but then again they ( THE PSYCHIATRIC GULAG SYSTEM OF ALBERTA ) created me and they have other


THEY COME SCHOOLS k-12 from University's from Colleges

THEY NEED THE FUEL RODS ( HUMANS ) so they can make the Mortgage, Car, Visa and Send their OFFSPRING To University to do like mommy and daddy do ( it is very lucrative ) and they invent the rules

Welcome To The Attempted Escape from The Psychiatric Gulag System Of Alberta as now a girl with limited education ( she is not a druggist ) she works at a drug store will not give me one product from the shit load they give so all medication are now stopped

This is going to be a war -- all out holy war

Now I have talked too two workers and they don't know how to give me one prescription out of ten (10) medications I get daily that they make $12.50 on each for filling it so walk with me as we do a lesson in Mathematics

10 x 12.50 = $125 a day and that doesn't include the cost of the medications so lets walk

$125 x 7 = $875 a week

$875 x 52 = $45,500 a year

So here how it works according to the actual druggist who ain't the actual druggist ( she is a filler and knows what she is doing ) so ....

She says that they only can bill per day for three ( 3 ) prescriptions Math Time

3 x $12.50 = $37.50 = $11.25 a day on OAS in just over 4.5 years

$37.50 x 7 = $262.50

$262.50 x 4 = $1,050

$262.50 x 52 = $13,650

I am a cash cow and this was all set up by my last family doctor Dr Ginnetta Salvaliggio who even set up a Behavioral Contract with me ( see notes ) she did this too punish me, embarrass me and humiliate me ( ask me about sticker day )

And when I am 65 I am going to be expected to pay 30% of this cost which is $4,095 / 12 = $341.25 a month out of my Old Age Security

This whole system screams with contempt and no one gives a shit about anything but the damn money

You see were conditioned and trained to trust Doctors after all they are smarter than us -- okay maybe but they also have bills and that makes they susceptible to LIFESTYLE SERVITUDE

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