June 20, 2021 ~ If You Don't Play, You Can't Win

Today I ponder my place in the Mad Game Of Mental Illness as I have been a Victim of The System for 38 years -- MY CRIME ~ Two Slaps on My Sisters Shoulder when she sold my Record Collection for Clothing Money instead of asking for the money for clothes she was living with me free of cost, everything was provided -- and I knew it was wrong as soon as I did it and I asked for help -- the consequences were horrendous and cost me from that day in 1983 till now as I have a better understanding of the Mental Health Industry than do MOST people as when you trapped you learn the Game of Madness of the Mind but now I must set out alone to find ME hidden under the various levels of chemicals use as CONTROL AGENTS ~~ Now I get to find myself for the first time in my life and I have no idea what I am going to find as I really DO NOT KNOW WHO I AM nor WAS ~~ This is gonna go either way FREEDOM or INSANITY

The pharmacy has cut me off as I don't want all the medications only a meal replacement as The Psychiatric Gulag System Of Alberta had all my teeth removed and it is how I get a major part of the actual nutrients I am supposed to have ~ it is a Prescription ~ and The Pharmacy won't allow me to have it unless I take the other 9 medications

Now that is insanity here is what is in that " white paper bag "

One day of a Blister Pack containing

- 1 -500mg Divilprix

-1 - 250mg Divilprix

-1 - 40mg Pantolok

-1- 1mg Benzotropine

- 1- 100mg Zoloft

- 1 - Multi Vitamin ( I tried for a long time to get this stopped with no luck )

Then we have 4 pill bottle of pain killers ( and I haven't been in much pain for a long while )

- 1- Naproxion 500mg

- 5 - 300mg Gabapentin

- 8 - Tylenol 500mg

- 8 - Suboxene 2mg ( I worked for the last 6 months to get clean ) been clean for a week today

Nutrition Drink

- 5 - Ensure Protein Plus Chocolate

So tomorrow they lose the account I am done being the nice guy that gets abused and hurt bye the people I looked to

I am out of here now

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