June 20, 2021 ~ The Doors To My Mind Are Finally About To Open After 38 Years

Who gets locked up for 38 long and challenging years as I almost died more than a few times as a result of medications and misdiagnosed realities that somehow I survived and am still here and I can still think on some level as what is happening as is a CLEANSING of my MIND and a active gain of NeuroPlasticity

When this "event of horror" began I was so alone as it was 1983 and I was deep within a system of Mental Health Issues where I would encounter people paying doctors that were passing out candies ( medications ) out of bottles in pockets to get me to try these pills as I was only till that point ever on a Tylenol # 3 for the wrist pain that I shattered at work on a broken electric pallet jack that had no brakes and I was lucky I was just 22 and I was about to get messed up and locked in a mental cage that I would never find a way out of as it became hopeless

Oh shit I just had a flash back that in 1987 when I went to court I was sentenced to FACS ( Forensic Assessment Community Service ) for 1 ( note that ) 1 year it would a crazy year as the doctor at least that is what he said he was was named Peter Williams he would hand me off to another crazy human being a doctor name of Otto Cadsky about 6-8 months into my stint and I would end up on every medication he could put me on without killing me, at 2005 ( yah I was still there that much later as I didn't have a chance as I was addicted and he had me in his office weekly and would " tweek " the medications pretty much every week all through this as all he had to do was keep me alive and he got paid he said $200 a hour and my sessions were that long as I would have 2 cups of coffee and 3 smokes ( even when the building went smoke free I was allowed my 3 smokes, and after he had a quadruple bypass I still was allowed the 3 smokes ) this man needed the money in 1999 he gained a client as I got married and my wife and him decided that she now also need mental health help ( it was my fault )

At the end in 2006 he announced his retirement a week after the wife announced the end of the marriage so I was losing my wife and a doctor I had spend over a decade with

I believe this was all planned to have me crash and end up in a mental hospital where I would get even more medicated ( I was on around 29 pills a day at this stage ) I stopped the weeds the day after the marriage ended and then we attempted to get her to buy me out for $20,000 she couldn't raise the money and we put the Habitat for Humanity house on the market and we sold for $223,000 at the peak of the market and the lawyers and agent took their cuts, we paid off the house to Habitat for Humanity and it left me some money and her with the same she moved out with her pet boyfriend and her daughter that she came to Canada with in 1999 the kid would move out a week after and she was a mess as the boyfriend seemed to be cleaning the house, and then they gave away all the crap she fought with me over and she moved to Banff and in 6-8 declared bankruptcy ( a few months later the boyfriend was gone too ) lol

Well she married me just to get into Canada as 9 days after she ended the marriage she had her citizenship court date and became a Canadian along with the kid ( I felt used totally and no one was surprised as they all warned me this would happen )

Think about the conflicts of interests all over the as the wife had the same shrink and same family doctor and I was so damn high on pills as he was writing and they would swap off between the dude that was playing family doctor John Henderson

I hopefully can get free before I pass as I am so damn tried of being manipulated by everyone

The Doors To My Mind Are About to swing open for the first time in my adult life ( since I was 22 years old ) I lost my life to the bullshit mental health care system and The Psychiatric Gulag System Of Alberta

Lost my life - now I go look for it

weird thing is I stayed out of the hospital from 2006 to 2011 after Otto Cadsky handed me off to a pair of book end shrinks Bishop and Gordon

The way this worked was one would work 6 months on and 6 months off and they would rotate and their was no continual care as the right hand would never know what the left hand was doing and it was horrible as one would raise the medication and then the other would show up and lower and I was all over the place and Bishop told me I would never quit smoking even after I had a year clean and this was my support system ( Mental Health and $142 Million in 2021/22 compared to Health at 23 Billion ( fuck the system has to be fixed as the associate minister is lazy as I have been talking to his machine for a month now and no reply as patients ( the clients ) he is supposed to work for do NOT count at all

The warehousing of humans in asylums and prison camps across the great province of Alberta continues today hey Commandant Florence the insane lady that ran the one they sent me to till I escaped after losing 22 teeth to sadist dentist in stony plain hey dr alla ( remember the pain you put me through not supplying freezing of any sort as you force me to open as he ripped all my damn teeth out of my mouth in 45 minutes ) and the fact I could have died as when I got back to the Camp the Commandant Florence had concocted a new way to torment me with

GRUEL for my food ( she would toss anything she could find including bones in the blender and that would be my meal ) 8 days I survived like this as it was horrible and then I snapped called 811 ( health link ) and they called 911 and I was taken to a hospital in the city and the ER doctors took pictures of the insides of my mouth as they had never seen anything like it and I had to go back time and time again to the sadist dentist dr alla so she could make more money with the dentures that never fit from the get go

I am sad by this as they stole my life with all the abuses

I am now not going to shut up as I already gave the best years to the system for nothing as I did nothing wrong at all

oh I hit my little sister who stole from when I allowed her to live with me when she was finishing high school ( and I forfeited my life ) I think I paid a reasonable sentence what you get 25 for murder I gave my life for 2 slaps ( 38 years ) go figure justice in Alberta

damn I miss teeth as the houseless, junkies all have better teeth than me and I was able to eat solids before ( I would kill to be able to eat a fresh apple ) or big mac, or subway sandwich ( can't do it ) and oh the ladies like a toothless man too ( not ) and I am insane I think a lot of people should look in the mirror before you point your fingers at me

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