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Hello world as this BLOG REACHES 54 countries and 478 Cities this is a sad day in my little home as at one point I truly believed I had people that were actual friends not people that were just laughing ( not with but AT ME )

Christine at Access 24 / 7 in Edmonton where I was set up to lose all calling services but for one call a day just refused to deal with me and my only call i get all day is over

We are no longer doing this shit as I didn't do this on Fathers Day ( as a friend and me talked and she has her parents and I did not want to hurt her at all as she ( D ) is the one of only a few who actually talked to me ( like vocally ) as I asked my cousin if we could talk as it has been a very long time and the phone never rang at all

So we have 4 different types of pills maybe 6 on the menu tonight and then i am jumping into my hot bathtub with Lavender Epson Salts ( just because I like them )

I have had enough of this city as no one gives a shit about anyone as I know my old laptop worked when i went to bed the night it was KILLED as i was listening to on the Ukraine as I want to understand what is actually occurring over there as I have been listening to tapes on Russia along with the Ukraine

This is would be a good idea for you to, as this WAR is only a diversion as the real WAR is about to begin between the USA / CHINA along with Taiwan and Australia will be in there and my dear readers the pain were feeling now at the cashiers across North America is only the beginning --- but it looks like it might not last to long as China has a whole whack of new Toys like the new Type-003 Fujian it will hold --- This is where our eyes should and will be focused

But back to my abuse & torture this is going to go below this

The system may have paid my way ( try living on $ 19,552 / year ) with everything to come off of this figure .... and last year we on AISH were supposed to receive a small inflation raise but it was Canceled by the Elite in Power as a Punishment and it is and it worked

You know that there are only a few places one can invest in as the GIC = 1-2% ( inflation = 6.8% ) well this ain't gonna work as then again why are clients on AISH Investing anything right?

Yah I hear you as were supposed to be the people that take the money and spend it on alcohol and drugs and bars and partying but what if we did ?? What if ?

I cry for my people but I must be moving on as what I have been subjected to has been a damn horror show and I am just to tired to deal with this any longer as when this goes bad it is really going to go bad and I wherever I will be sent to am so very sorry that the middle class and upper middle class will see their incomes drop off to the level of poverty class and I know a few of the people I know will suffer as I have

Hey what is a picture of my IMAGE worth? $ 1 -- $ 2 -- $ 3 - or what as this is one of the reasons I am gone as the thing was all fun and dandy but when I have no damn food and te food bank have no damn food for the people like me I said I don't need this shit no more as you


And now I find I am going to need shoes ( now what could I do with new shoes and can't i get used lol ) you know that this stuff becomes amusing after a while as no I need a pair of GOOD RUNNERS ( GOOD who do I think I am ) GOOD SHOES - what do I think I run the province ( nope I would need a truck then ?)

This evening I am not so tired as the pain is nasty as fuck as I had to once again go to the green grocer and what was my LOSS well 3 Pictures x $ 2 = $ 6 ( give or take ) and I had only $ 4 and thank god that Hassan at the till did not make the plastic bag at $ 0.05 a issue as I never had a nickel I had $ 4 and I was very greatful it was on sale this time, then on my way home I stopped a few times and a very pretty lady walked by and if it was not for ( D ) I may no I wouldn't of as then I kept walking and again another pretty angel was parked against a build leaning back with fake converse and I said " nice shoes " and she had a girly young laugh and it was a nice thing to hear as pretty girls are always nice when i have the opportunity to make a girl giggle as that is a big part of my job as I work for GOD

Okay I hear you thinking " You say You work for God? " and then you take your life ( my life ) well this is between me and my father and he knows just how hard I have worked in the years since my release from

The 37 MONTHS OF HELL that my society locked me into for no real reason as

So I just talked to Megan at Access 24 / 7 =424-2424 as I am attempting a solution before I have the final pharmacuticuls and a nice warm bath

And in regards to the humans taking my pictures for free she said it was a " Good thing I didn't break the lady's camera " NO but it is okay she can steal my IP ( Intellectual Property )" as all this shit is always my fault

Then I told her bout the cocktail I am planing ( shit couldn't even afford the wine and weeds ) oh well I willl still be dead as I am fina;;y tired of hurting in Physical Pain that no one knows anything about ( we have a pill for that ) " oh we make bank on that pill , but you have to get the pills somewhere "

And as for the childhood RAPE that came to light on June 22, 2021 ( almost a year ago I have yet t have a single sesion for Trauma Therapy and PTSD which is what i no w all of a sudden have and i lost the schizophrenic's affective disorder is gone as these doctor are capable of switching lables to any illness they can find in the DMS IV

So soon it ends as shit I get sentenced in 1992 to FACS ( Forensic Assessment Community Service ) for 1 year ( yup 1 year ) well I have this fucked up calendar that says / claims it is 2022 so this is 30 fucken years I can never get away from these guys as they OWN you and they can do crazy strange shit with the chemistry lab set that they got as I studied Chemistry a bit on my own as my dad's last gift to me in 1974 at Christmas was a Chemistry set ( he also got the same set for his Girlfriend's Son Jeffery ) he hated shopping and this was a no brainer

This current team as that I have once again along with my old family doctor team and her people -- as they have now --Chemically Castrated me and why

They have done so damn many things to me in my life time and who do you speak to as they are linked up and function as one unit ---

Thirty Year ( 30 Years ) holy shit some of my friends are not this old what the hell is actually happening here as I am never going to be free ---

Little Later today I fire the Female Dominatrix Psychiatrist as she Castrates' men that are sent her way as this is her power game and she got me with the Chemical Cocktail she dished out as she they study this stuff and I never ever did shit to her or anyone and why the hell did I need this

They can do anything they fucken want to a Mental Patient as it was all to cover up PTSD in the first place and goes back a few shrinks to Dr Patricia S who was my shrink up until she sold me out to the BILLION DOLLAR INSURANCE company the WCB ( Workers Compensation Board ) around 1987 when she wrote in my file

" Lucien is a Rebel without a Cause "-- " But un·for·tu·nate·ly NOW You went and Gave Lucien a Cause now your going to have to deal with this for its going to get interesting and if he ever wakes up we have a event we have basically never seen yet " as Pat knew even in 1987 I was not a dumb fuck and this was by the way before my first admission into AHE = Alberta Hospital Edmonton -- where when I was sentenced at FACS I would gather up admissions every time the shrink Otto Cadsky would head out of town it was fucked up the first one was the one that they attempted to BREAK / KILL ME and it pretty close worked as I ended up in a Coma and ICU and Surgery and I had to learn to walk all over again

They attempted to destroy me --- and they came very close what they did do however was drive a wedge between my kid sister and me that will never ever be removed as if it was over my drinking I have now

3,411 days of sobriety ( no programs, or clubs ) you QUIT YOU QUIT kind of easy to understand this one and it is = 9 years 4 months 4 days

Why does society make everything so damn hard ( you need help you find me ) and yes it is going to cost you ( why, well lets see I am owned by your Government so I guess I should work for everyone for free ) Nah I don't think so.

Now I am going to talk about my Lawyer ( whom I have nick named my Lying Lawyer ) and E knows who he is and what he did to me ( along with the Government's Legal Aid ) well I was sent from processing to see the Legal Aid Team and they refused to help me as

1) the charges were small ( Mischief )

2) And I had no previous Criminal Record

Well they sent me to student legal aid who are almost impossible to get a hold of as it was a group of kids sitting round a large table playing cards and screwing about

this was between December 18, 2013 and I would try and try and Student Legal Aid Never had time -- EVER

I am in the Houseless Shelter at this time ( ok Homeless ) as I was unable thanks to forces greater than me unable to rent even though I had the money

I would spend Christmas, 2013 in the Herb Jamison Mission ( Homeless ) and I am attempting not to drink, no drugs , and no cigarettes' ( and I won on all three counts ) as we will see they didn't break me until the end of the Torture that lasted 37 months

I was invited out for Christmas Dinner by the Son of a Former Solicitor General and after he picks me up at TIMS by the University Hospital we drive around and around and then he parks at this HOLE IN A WALL PLACE and we walk in and it was like a place you never want to go to... he name was Mr. James Christopher Fowler and he is a Psychologist at the University Hospital ( can you see why he didn't want to have dinner at TIMS when he picked me up .........Yup he did not want to be seen with a Homeless Person his friend as I grew up in St Albert with him on Gresham Blvd I was 44 he was 56 house numbers

Dinner the chef this tiny little Chinese man gets me a plate ( ok a Styrofoam box ) and begins to scoop my meal steamed white rice into the ( Styrofoam Box ) and then he tops it off with a few tiny bits of meat maybe pork, maybe beef, maybe mouse I just don't know oh and I got a warm bottle of water too and hot sauce ( which I never liked )

Then when we get out to his car that he had 3 DUI's and has lost his license for 1 year on this car ( remember you get a DUI and they send you for help and you get this guy ) SHIT --but I asked him for a ride back to the shelter and he refused as he had to go to his FAMILY for Christmas Dinner ( once again another attempt to Break Me and My Spirit ) FAIL

why because they can do anything to me -- 30 years remember what did I ever do to your society EVER

Then on January 27, 2014, I finally get a hold of the housing director and she says to me that " you have to be HOMELESS for 1 year before You Get Housing Help " I say to myself WTF as it has been 2 of some very hard months I have 10 to do ---" HOW ?"

So I take off and hit the Wild Earth Café ( or whatever it was called ) in the EPCOR TOWER have my regular, a large muffin and a coffee or two

Then the Public Library will be open and I get there and I see the Social Worker I had been working with ( what do they actually do ?) and I say I am going to KILL MYSELF and I dart out of the Library and into the Train Tunnels , and all of a sudden I have two peace officers grabbing me and holding me down, right under the Bust of Sir Winston Churchill

And now we are waiting for the PACT Team and it is hours 2+ and the incredible EPS Officer arrives with an alien braid and she is pissed I am thinking I am asking her not to jam my water bottle into my knapsack and she turns on me with

" Shut up I am not your Bitch "

Now I know I am done as she has handcuffs on me and is leading me away to where I don't yet know as this is silly I am thinking as all I said was




Never spoke to as it was like I disappeared


Hey Elvis you are a LIAR and YOUR GOD he is Catholic (doesn't like LIARS ) but it is okay to LIE to me to fuck me over ( you likely get paid more as you will pay as I may meet you in HELL as bro you just stepped into the dark world and I am the LIGHT that YOU ALL SOUGHT OUT --- Elvis why did you " sell your soul " what you get that GOD won't take away if you hurt even one of his Children ( that is me bro ) I am BACK and IF I WAS YOU I WOULD THINK

Now I end my LIFE just for ALL OF THESE USELESS PEOPLE ( a word I learned at DAVOS ) This Year -- they are going depopulate this shit hole of planet that we all screwed up over the Industrialization Period --- We all KILLED OUR PLANET lol YOU DID THIS MORE AND MORE YOU ALL HAD TO HAVE MORE AND MORE lol now you all went to far and the cost is the LIFE ON EARTH oh well you did this they will save themselves and a few worker slaves ( and they will WORK ) as any back talk you become food for the USELESS EATERS fun eh?

Remember I have been away for the last 30 years so look into your own mirror and if you want to make a donation and maybe keep me alive a while longer it is at --interact =

and for those meds I stopped if I stay and I want a new mental health team that might be on my side as these fucken people don't give a shit as I get a ( 15 minute session ) she bills for a hour at $ 200 -- and you say i am crazy

Lucien The Light II

June 20, 2022

I finally WOKE UP ( and I don't mean that way as I have been in my cage for 30 long fucken years and

As today I fire both my Shrink and the Nurse as they have never served me EVER

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