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June 20, 2022:~The Day Is Over As She Did It Again As I Get 30 Minutes With My Shrink

every 6 weeks I get a session for ( supposed to be ) 30 minutes and every session my Dr A Patel 108st Building Edmonton is late today once again she was 12 minutes late and this is every sesssion and there is nothing I can do as she is GOD as she has Chemically Casterated me a very long while ( as they do whimisically as it is a damn joke in the OFFICE) as they think OWNERSHIP is a part of TREATMENT ( want to be me ) BITCH as I had to plead for a very long time to get of a Drug ( that she was having INJECTED into my Body every 28 days ) called INVEGA 150ml and it was knocking me for a loop and no one gave a shit as it was funny and they make it like it important and the wound site hurts for a couple weeks ( they then say rotate your arm )

As i said am taking my life cause no fucking peole care in this city of champions

Elvis did this too and you wonder why they take the degrees as it is all a way to mess humans up for as long as they want

Elvis Iginla and Dr A Patel they fucked with my mind and body ansd the end is now and everyone around me played this year as the church took one year tgpo fuck e again

as you see fucking a kid un GRADE 5 isn't good enough ass they then have to destroy their lives ffor as long as they want as they kids / items becomes possioesions

Fire Station 5 was going to get me a bit of food and they changed my mind as I am a bad person now

I say the Governemnt / City / People owned me for 30 -40 - 51 year and I only want to die in my house so sytay the fuciken hell away from here

So far I am at a few pills and today it is fucken over as there is no damn point as I was aleways told I was NOT ALLOWED TO GO anywhere and I beleived them

I jaust need a took

Fucken Elvis Iginla LIAR LAWYER destroyed me along with the buddies from the church a s this dcna't get out as the Catholic Church Preists NEVER RAPED any one yah okay


This world laughed as they actually had a man that might of helped and dthey themselvres killed him

well acttually ELVIS KILLED ME

The LIAR LAWYER USEED BUILTIEN BIOARDS TO send dthe message of the god that he beeived in a dn then got a tak break on a but cher overdose

I am now going BLIND and I love walking

I and love reading and it is very hard when you cna't see no more


ANDN SHE WWAS FUCKEN VERY PRETTY ND THEN SHE STARTED WITH T HE ,JABS AND THAT WAS SEPT 10, 2018 WHICH LEAD TO A FINGER OF Dr. Bailey Redfern up my anus and she had me do it 6twice just tohumainlate me more as she ansd the teams sexual deviajncy was very important and this lead me to a hell that would take over two plus years of Humilaition, Embarasment Tortures that the church must invented as the seemed old and that they knew what they were doijng

They cut the small hole ontto a toonie size heart shaped hole that was 2 coins deep and ot fucken cut and hurt

I am passing out so I am off to my bath tub

God bye


Don't get itno a verbal maych with AK as tehfuckers as this wants rto still KILL someone (likely me )

Vici P

you should of helped as I though that you said that tyou would but you were like everyone else

Very pretty however i must give ya this samn I wishe



You all took The LIGHT and YOU TO

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