June 21, 2021 ~ D.R.U.G. ~ WARS! ~ The Sacrificial Lamb Part 0.01

Yesterday I somehow decided a stance needed to be taken as I am going to be a seniors citizen in a few years and right now I am a DRUG ADDICT ~ This is all courtesy of my incredible medical team and the taxpayers ( who are sucked into this world inadvertently ) through the taxes they pay ~~ Pablo Escobar had it right I think ( there is a massive amount of money in DRUGS ) and the People " WILL PAY " DRUGLAND vs. The Mad Hatter Experience -- No Holds Barred

Damn IT ~ I am IRKED okay I am PISSED off ~ Now I can't get one prescription out of the 11 they have me on as I need to talk to the doctor ( been and done ) and I have talked to the drug store ( they both are in the same building ) and nothing has been done ( nothing ) however the people / taxpayers are still footing the bill for 8 Tylenol 500mg a day at a cost of $12.50 ( for the fill cost ) x 365 = the $4,562 Tylenol per year this is $16.57 for 200 on Amazon https://amzn.to/2Sg0reK and when we take the 200 and divide it by 8 that is 25 and at $12.50 x 25 that is $625 ( this bottle is costing the taxpayer ) but why don't I get the balance back in FOOD Credits say at The Italian Center ( I see you raising YOUR eyebrow again ) as HOLY SHIT -- He wants to shop at The Italian Center Shop lol, well you see if and when you ever actually price produce out the Produce for the most part at Italian Center Shop is cheaper than Save-On-Foods ( remember you keep saying stuff like ) SHOP LOCAL guess that means if you have the money -- I have a FOOD BUDGET people of 175 -- 200$ CAD -- and I shop where its cheap ( and I shop everywhere I get the best deal that doesn't take three ( 3 ) hours to go to

And I am INSANE Right?

But I was taking bout DRUGS -- > see DRUGS give you the MUNCHIES ( okay you don't get the MUNCHIES from extra strength Tylenol ) I do know this remember I am OLD not dead and I do remember being high and Doritos, and Pop Tarts

And that is just one of the 11 - it is the most blatant

This is NOT the one ( 1 ) that I want as it is called ENSURE and I am ALLOWED but 5 a day ( this can be had at the convince store next door to DRUGLAND for $6 for 6 ) but wand this is screwed up you as taxpayers ( er suckers ) are shelling out $12.50 for the fill plus the cost of the product ) why not give me a $12 credit @ the convince store / day and i get food ( okay they actually do have some decent food stuff at the convince store plus 6 ENSURE ) as we have the block-chain technology to do mircropayments and we can put restrictions on the accounts like no smokes

I am gonna go back to the Asylum to make this stupid point and this is because I am willing to sacrifice my life for YOU ALL [ should I say it ] -- AGAIN

And I actually do NOT Care Today ( I don't ) as I am IRKED and so should YOU BE

The Drug Store Scam --> Maybe

I have been in the DRUGLAND GAME Longer than some of you have been alive ( I know what is happening ) and it is costing YOU even if You don't use them as Health Care is $23 BILLION in My Province and Mental Health is JUST $143 MILLION Like WTF

20% of Albertan's will experience a mental health issue and it only get a fraction of what we spend on Heath ( what is my Associate Minister, actually doing )

Most people get sucked in to a system they no shit about and this stuff actually KILLS

I am trying to be patient but these are very sick people ( the ministers ) as they don't talk and I would rather have a -- supposed mental illness ( this is a cash cow ) than NOT TALK ILLNESS - or is it the UPC ( isn't that a BAR CODE ) party -- fuck I want a party ( I need a party ) The Mad Hatter Experience Party of Alberta

Who wants to back me I need a Quadrillion SHIBA INU Coins ( ok half as Half were given away at the launch to the dude that created ETH and he sent $1 BILLION of them to help INDIA with COVID ) the Party has 12,200,000 so far ( you can send you assistance to my Bitcoin address is at = 33WpCWiJejBhrZadvPuwQimRKu2zCw9ExW

Today I have no money $4.61 CAD

And DRUGLAND won't let me have the ENSURE unless I participate in the Scam so since the SYSTEM had 22 of MY TEETH PULLED ILLEGALLY with NO FREEZING -- I get no food shit at all ~ I will find something for nutrition

Thank YOU DRUGLAND I have memory ( and it is invoked )

Now I get debates -- NO MORE

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