June 21, 2021 ~ I Am Kind Of IRK'd At The Psychiatric Gulag System Of Alberta

I in my 38 YEARS of Being Basically LOCKED IN a SYSTEM ~ That feeds itself with NEW Victims daily ~ I have seem it so do NOT tell me it is not TRUE as if YOU Can't Deal with The Truth go somewhere else as You Might Not Like The Truth ~ And We All Are At Fault on This One ~

I was 22 years old / young the same age range as the kids now telling me to take my medications ( if I was a drug dealer [ pills ] I would say the same thing )

The Psychiatric Gulag System Of Alberta stole me from my family and it is because they ( the family ) didn't know what to do with me so thy rushed me off to the " NOT So Friendly Neighborhood Psychiatrist" and then listened to them as they prescribed all sorts of pretty colorful candies ( pills ) and it was wonderful and then the had me sentenced to a system that would abuse their power as they The Psychiatric Gulag System of Alberta does have immense power as they can hold you on a whim for nothing POWER ~ as they have done it to me numerous times ~ I have seen it done to many others as well as the power is absolute and absolute power corrupts

Here is how I see US ( Society ) we were trained like pets in a zoo ( call it the Human Zoological Experiments )

The system punished me very hard for my CRIME ~ which has nothing to do with anyone in Power Currently it was " The Old Guard " and most are DEAD Thank GOD for Great Miracles ( and I wish to wish people dead but some people hurt people ) and the society id better ff with them as fertilizer ( hard core eh ? )

Oh my actual CRIMES against HUMANITY ( and MY Life was taken for this ) was

1) ---- slapping my kid sister as she lived with my free of charge and sold my record collection which at the 1983 ( I was 22 ) meant something -- stupid eh? you don't hit humans PERIOD

Second CRIME against HUMANITY to SAVE HUMANITY ( got screwed I did )

2) ----- I opened my mouth when the Provincial Governments -- Arms Length Corporations The WCB ( Workers Compensation Board ) which is a -- Employer Funded ( to protect their asses from law suits ) Insurance Company ( worth BILLIONS )

Time LINE 1987 ( circa Leader was Don Getty ) and HE IS NOW .. Yah DEAD and well Fertilizer ( Okay, NOT Fertilizer as Leaders go straight to Heaven lol ) after screwing their people

You must think I am evil nah my shirt today said it best 665 Neighbor Of The Beast ( I haven't moved in yet )

Well in 1987 we had a Minister of the WCB who actually fell asleep until at his post as Ken Pals the CEO of the WCB was supposed to be " responsible " lol remember they didn't care about the

Worker's in Alberta as they were eating at the Royal Buffet ( not in Edmonton but in their minds ) and Workers were only a commodity ( much like now ) and then I came along and it was like what the hell is he ( me the Faciote from Hell or a very bad neighbor ) and I decided to wake Ken and Jim up with

The TRUTH --- you should of KNOWN that there was TRUTH to this shit too

And this is a good story that is provable if you go look it up as the media feeds on Lucien Faciote Truth ( see the Edmonton Journal June 9, 2021 )and January 3, 2019 as the Mad Hatter Experience, stories from my escapades from 1987 are located at the EPL ( Edmonton Public Library ) micro film section including a comic about the Rehab center as it was a big event

Anyways back to MY CRIME -- I woke two people up nah it is better than this I told Jimmy's Office the Rehabilitation Center that Kenny Boy ( he is likely dead too ) was using broken Medical equipment to treat the WORKERS of ALBERTA ( yah all of you ) with and they didn't act and refused to give me a APPEAL for my claim that they cut off on April 3, 1987 saying "YOU ( yah me ) was and this is great this is coming from a claims adjudicator that never met me, anyways he said " You are Psychiatricilly Unstable and will never work again " HOLY shit a kid said that to me ( it is in the file ), seems my shrink dr Patricia Simmons sold me out for her pay day advance ( they bought my damn doctor off ) go figure and her report said " Lucien was a man with no cause unfortunately YOU ( the WCB ) have created a rebel with a cause lol ) love her she has / had a office in her house and this great room and i pllayed on her Grand Piano ( Valleyview Drive ) she also gave me a very old copy of a Charles Dickens book David Copperfield that I still own -- she was kind of cool even though she sold me out she never seen me again after that as I couldn't TRUST Her no more

But I pushed with a one man protest in front of the WCB Head Office in Edmonton Alberta Canada

Anyways they finally " granted me an appeal " and a new Appeals Advisor Mr Bill Williams ( who as a result of all the shit the ensued after the shit hit the fan and the pressure that the WCB placed on him, Killed his Wife, Daughter, burned all the investment papers and then Killed himself ) and they are fertilizer too ( funny I am not -- well not really )

Anyways I had but one session in office with Mr Bill and a single paper floated out of my massive file and guess what it said " yes the Traction Machine I was placed was in a state of Disrepair ie BROKEN " and they were putting ALBERTA WORKERS on it including me and I asked if I could have a copy and Mr Bill agreed as it was in my file and I went home and called my contact at the Edmonton Journal and he came over for it and in the next couple of Minister Jimmi called a PUBLIC INQUIRY all due to yours truly

Told you it was a crime and it gets better as they found 14 pieces of broken medical equipment in the South Side Workers Compensation Boards Rehab center where we were forced as worker to go or have our claims stopped

Well I went off the deep end and well the facility was shut down permanently and Kenny Boy and his executive team and the board were terminated and replaced with Mr Vernon Milliard and a new Rehab was to be opened by the airport it would be named after Vern who became a friend along with Wayne Antler and his son who worked there in security Blair ( they had business cards printed up even )

BUT as this was all going down with Kenny and boys I was drinking more and more and I said some shit in a drunk state and they sent 5 O ( Hawaii Five O ) Police down to get me yup 8 cars 16 officers and long guns as I was a fucken mastermind who might have a bomb strapped under the lumbar corset I wore as I was really in pain bad then I was still protesting in front on the WCB selling buttons ( pinbacks ) that said " Wage Slaves Protection Society of Alberta a Non-GovernMENTAL Agency " still have a couple weird hey and the City of Edmonton Police Force would buy a couple from me-- It was crazy when they put me in the tiny room with the phone to make some calls I called my broker and we have 20K it was great as I sold all positions then I called the Bruhas and got either Barry or Blaine ( their dead too suicide and more fertilizer for my tomatoes )

Short story I got stopped for a sentence to The Helen Hunley Forensic Center and then Sentenced to FACS = Forensic Assessment and Community Service for ONE YEAR( this all took a couple of months ) as when I first saw the doctor I was sent to see dr Peter Williams after a few sessions he told me " you have a chemical imbalance " like what the hell I am smoking weeds, smokes, popping Opiates by the handfuls and I have a drinking problem and a damn hard on for the WCB still " the only thing that he as concerned was the Hard On for the WCB and he wanted to knock it down and since I was " chemically imbalanced " well this human was not Einstein ( who is also Fertilizer ) but he decided to add even more damn chemicals to my system in the form of well Psychiatric Medications I was about to be

EXPERIMENTED on in Society and IF I screwed up due to their screw up with chemicals it was on ME and I would pay the price of the screw up -- >

The shit at FACS would last under dr Otto Cadsky till 2006 and the insane mother f'r used every chemical he could on me to shut me up

This was the day that CHANGED MY LIFE


Day 2

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