June 21, 2021 ~ The I.V. ~ It Is A Collective Feeding Tube Via The Federal Governments

Well this dude ( MY DAD ) didn't hook up as he was a real man who did his life HIS WAY as maybe he burned fast ( he was only 45 when his flame went out ) he packed more into 45 brief years than most 90 year old's dude Boxed Professionally, Raced Cars, Raced Horses which he / we owned 7 of -- I only knew him for a short period just a tad over 13 years but I had the time to study with him

I sold out at the age of 14, when I cashed that first paycheck ( sold my dreams for a needle and a drug ) that drug being cash a product we are never taught anything about and still are not, as it is not beneficial to teach the worker class (and I just found out that the teachers union is one of the biggest) and the reality is they train and condition the worker class to be great slaves in the system and we hook up to that I.V. Bag with the drug called cash

I got the KEY baby and that is why I am Called KEYLO the Golden Pharaoh the Snake God

And baby I am here to free the slaves as Moses did and this is why I I needed to stop the drugs ( first the medications ) as the drugs are not a health product and now I have 22-23 year old pharmacy techs advising me to take the damn drugs already as they need their drug too the cash

It will be interesting to watch and see how this all play's out as the Game of Freedom is now on

Look at the stuff you put in your body, so get clean as I did it and then I was told good job till I took on BIG DRUGLAND

I am now going to play as Keylo The Actor Known as The Mad Hatter Experience

Maybe I see some thing I might get into as a Mentor GaryVee triggered something in Me Today

I was BORN FREE and so were YOU

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