June 19, 2021 ~ Thought's Are Everything ~ Control Your Thinking & Control The World

Many years ago I was the recipient of a great manuscript from a incredible human Sam that I was and am honored to call my friend and he passed on to me the writing of Napoleon Hill's classic text ~ Think & Grow Rich ~ which came out in 1937 ~ 11 years before my family arrived from the " old country " to the NEW WORLD in 1948 ~ They would end up in a large house a few houses down from the biggest Catholic Church in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada it is now St Josephs Basilica and the life of the Facciotti's began ( hard working African / Italians ) looking to make a difference in their new HOME

I was never included in much after dad passed away as I fell in with the wrong kids after dad passed in 1975 just 27 years after coming to this incredible country I am so very lucky to call MY HOME

I know very, very little about my heritage as I was denied a past before dad passed as it was taken from me as a result of the drugs ( weeds ) and booze I got involved with after losing my best friend who would always push me to the limits as I was supposed to be the best at everything in mom and dad's view as being even 2nd in the entire music school was NOT good enough and this was enough to " make " be study more and practice long hours and it was horrible at times as my friends as I did have a few back then would be out playing during the summer and I would either be at work with dad and the accordion for 2-3 hours and then pretty much bedtime summers were not wanted after a few years of working for the man as he made me hate work, and this in turn made me study more as I was going to run the company " Edgar Faciote Plastering Supplies Ltd " no mom was going to run it and dad was the main employee ( worked better ) when winter arrived I didn't know this growing up as it was moms business and she worked everything at home as we had a massive garden, the house and everything lessons ( music ) for kid sister and me, and more and she never prepared a bad meal until around 1971-72 ( when the early signs of M.S. -- Multiple sclerosis began ) and dad could not deal with it, and I was freaking out as my marks dropped from straight A's from grades 1 to 5 to in grade 6 I couldn't buy a C ~ It was horrible to watch your own family fall apart and I was like 11-12 and I was a mess already as what the hell was happening to the family and my own life as I was never created / and designed to be a normal / average / mediocre child I always to to excel at everything and I mean everything today I remember my FAMILY I LOST in 1971-72 when mom got sick, and dad moved out and my school went to shit in a hand basket as fast as a 4/4 measure of music except this looking back today 556 months after the passing of my hero ( my dad ) I see how the Matrix of Reality that I found myself in collapsed in on me

Tonight / OK this morning I say goodbye to the pain the drugs and booze brought with them and I remember something my dad taught me more like a promise, we were at one of the businesses suppliers and dad was doing what he best deal with suppliers of anything and somehow weed came up and I remember this as it was around the same time I experienced the death of a bird friend to a bigger bird friend ( and he set it up ) bastard, Edgar I see it now, always teaching by real life example and in a class he didn't design and everything he did was a lesson for me, everything and it was as always more -- organizational mayhem at the House Of Faciote / Facciotti ( toasted a smaller pet with a much bigger pet to teach me a lesson ) and then take me with to the supplier whose name was Mike ( and he supplied sand to us ) and we used lots of it every year

SOB I would have not seen this but for the evolutionary scale I am on currently as I am going to make you all very proud but now to the lesson

( law of the jungle ) lesson finally learned ~ this was a very long time and today I see the birds and the lessons he taught as he was visual as some of the math stuff he would pull was incredible I still don't get it

anyways that wasn't where I was going with this I was going for the

Promise he made to me--- " If you ever smoke weed I will kill you "

What I am grateful for is my friend Elvis who helped so much in helping me get clean again after I slipped while in pain from the HOLE In my body that I needed surgery on to fix

( but I wonder about that too ) ~

I have been a very lucky and a very Blessed man / boy all my life and I have many Angels watching over me throughout this experience and yet my perceptions needed to be refined

I am also grateful for the FACT that The Creator ( God ) whatever you call him / it allowed for a lifetime of poisoning the brain to heal with the science of Neuroplasticity which is known as neural plasticity, or brain plasticity, is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. These changes range from individual neuron pathways making new connections, to systematic adjustments like cortical remapping, tell me this is beautiful

I am coming up on 1 year of being weed free and some people shouldn't smoke as even the Swedish study which is one of the most comprehensive states ( you got time you need to read this as it is important )


You don't want to attempt the life I have been through as it make my crypto adventures pale in comparison

Wanna go on a ride ( the elevator ) as we take SHIBA INU to the moon ( lets do it warriors ) this token is known as the DOGE killer a coin and there is a difference as SHIBA is ETH based and DOGE has very little use other than a payment option

I need to walk away now and think of somebody like you to be with somebody like me as the night was productive ( but lonely ) and long

Later Peeps


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