June 22, 2021 ~ Mad Hatter Experience Goes To War Over Principals ( Yes I Have A Few ) ~ Tax Crimes

Do you know why we have personal income and corporate taxes? Yup WAR in Fact Taxes were brought in to fight World War One this was 1917 and it was supposed to be a temporary measure but Governments got addicted to the CASH

Now for someone that has lived off taxes a lot of his life this seems like a weird topic ( feels that way for me too ) as shit you know what I live on I live like a king ( okay not ) it is below $20,000 and I am grateful for every darn penny ( accept we no longer have the penny ) ok red nickel ( yet they are some strange plastic that doesn't melt good ) okay the booze and weeds were good that night and i wanted to experiment with money ( long before I had principals I am almost certain )

But I consider myself very BLESSED to have been born in the BEST Country on The Planetarium we all called Earth & Home

So why am I PISSED about taxes then -- it is a combination of a few things started with me refusing to pick up the daily * GOLDEN * ( White Paper Lunch Bag ) of DRUGS that is 100% funded by you the TAXPAYER and it seems no one actually gives a shit as that * GOLDEN * bag is GOLD for DRUGLAND and Dr // Dealer Mc Dope

You see in some places there are those people whose very livings exists on the backs of the TAXPAYER ( and I am actually hoping to once again pay taxes before I too become ya FERTILIZER ) [ Gawd I am really hung up on this human fertilizer stuff ] seems like a better use of the dead that either buried or burning, and now I am screwing with the very industry that is going to be hopefully somewhat responsible for my dead body when I die and am dead --here we go shove me in this and take me into the forest where nature will deal with me, memorials.com/Caskets/Dignified-Cremation-Caskets.php shit it is $500 USD or we can get me a Bamboo Jobby memorials.com/Caskets/Bamboo-Green-Large-Coffin.php its like $1600 for the wolves and cuddly bears to tear apart and let nature deal with me as all I want is to be ya fertilizer sorry but death ain't that biggy for me as I won't be there * will you? * sorry I drifted

Back to DRUGLAND & Dr // Dealer Mc Dope, I am thinking you as a taxpayer are / is getting screwed somehow ~ as a previous Dr // Dealer Mc Dope whom I had from 2012 to 2020, ( I didn't Dr // Dealer Mc Dope shop around ) then again I never got sick till 2018, I was only a minor patient but then she designed my life to inflict as much pain on me as possible by making me pick up my TaxPayer Funded * GOLDEN * White Paper Lunch Bag daily well she fired me ( yup fired my sorry ass for being a naughty patient) even after she created a Behavior Contract ( said I was naughty ) she also had me enrolled in her juvenile sticker program where I got one or two stickers when I attended her weekly session and she made bank by billing the system ( now doesn't doesn't that remind you of Pavlov Dogs Experiments ) a little as I was her cash cow until she lost control of her experiments on me ( and there were experiments ) " tell you later maybe " as for the Pavlov Dogs here is what Uncle Google says

The dogs salivating for food is the unconditioned response in Pavlov's experiment. A conditioned stimulus is a stimulus that can eventually trigger a conditioned response. In the described experiment, the conditioned stimulus was the ringing of the bell, and the conditioned response was salivation.

But it says more that I was unaware till just now --- > Why was Pavlov's dog experiment unethical?

Pavlov's research and experiments violated many of the ethical guidelines put in place to protect research participants according to the American Psychological Association (APA). There is a high probability that the surgically implanted tubes caused physical harm to the children and the dogs.

and then the was ....

Well the wound vac, and surgery were all part of this experiment, along with the dozen dead bodies ( and you wonder why I think of fertilizer eh? ) and the threat of moving me into the nursing home my mom died at for a couple of weeks that I pleaded and begged my way out of and how bout the GRANT MacEwan Student Nurses and the admin clerk who arrived the same day i moved in to 8 East at the Misericordia and left the day I was discharged ( I no longer buy coincidence ) why?

Most humans can live 1000 years and not have The Mad Hatters Experience Great Adventures or Hell and Maybe I have lived a 1000 years and we all have and are only now becoming aware

I am a Child as You all see me I'm not Capable Of Growing Up and Yes I am Still Capable Of Pretty Much all Adult Decisions ( I am The Mad Hatter Experience ) haha BUT -- she took advantage of me, and I just realized it and I didn't sign up for research I went too MY DOCTOR ~ And she knew I have a hard time with Trust, Shit I told her as she was MY doctor -- Now I am angry and confused again okay MORE as I always was somewhat confused I guess hell have you seen that, I might be a tad confused as that damn hat I wear, sort of gives it away lol ( like who does this? Really Would YOU? I didn't think so) okay maybe you might wear it for a night at Halloween but damn it I have done this pretty much daily since 2017 like what the hell am I thinking eh? Just trying to make you all happy you know as why else as it is not like the economics are really great yet ( and the gear is expensive ) what you think the hat grew on my head -- you better be kidding me right? no I had to buy it as did I the coat, the sticks ( okay its a staff ) I paid for it yes with your tax dollars but I didn't drink or smoke it away and you seem to enjoy it too

You people are insane ( we all are and I am getting better ) and now I decided to take this crazy shit a step farther thanks to a Crisis Line worker tonight who somehow hooked me into getting a YouTube Channel set up and I named it tonight so be warned and ready as soon i will be live on the YouTube and maybe I can take a day off walking around in 20C weather dressed like its winter lol ( this is hard work )

Channel will be called = Conversations With The Mad Hatter

Hey Smile

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