June 22, 2021 ~ Money ~ By Me ~ Okay By The Federal Government ~ Whatcha Know About It

I am 60 now and I have seen somethings like 18% plus yields of Certificates Of Deposit now your lucky to get 2% ----> but that is not the point as do you know what the inflation rate was in May?

Annual average inflation rose to 1.3% in May (April: 0.9%). Core inflation rose to 2.8% in May, from the previous month's 2.3%. FocusEconomics Consensus Forecast analysts, see inflation averaging 2.2% in 2021, which is up 0.2 percentage points from the previous month's forecast.

So if you get a GIC / CD now you lose --- better to go to the Grocery store ( cheapo's ) -Its Coming - on Cheapo's Cheap Tuesdays and score that 15% off the already inflated toothpaste and toilet papers --- You know the stuff you can store under the bed ~ as where you gonna get a net return of 15% today

Better still INVEST if you Buy / Invest in a share of ET ( no not from the movies ) but Energy Transfer they will give you a dividend of 7.22% it is at $11.01 USD right now so the dividend is also in USD

But then you have to take the risk of it going down in value unlike losing 2% + by keeping it in your savings account ( but DO NOT and I mean that DO NOT expect your friendly banker to tell you this ) as he is taking that $11.01 you have in your savings account and buying the share / stock in ET and giving you 0.05% or $0.0055 (and he your friendly banker is pocketing for his shareholders ) $0.79 and you are losing that $0.79 and getting a meager 0.0055 ( so my big bank pockets $0.7845 ) and he does that for every $11.01 you allow him to control

And you can buy 1 share / stock at a time with some online brokers ( I use wealth simple ) it started as a game with me and for $30 over a 15 day period I scored $001 and was excited as the bank gave me zero and I made 100% more than zero

Now I have $048 in that account and it still pays me 0.75% which is 0.70% more than friendly neighborhood mark maker banker gives me or you as I likely won't get shit this month that is okay as i had a few hundred in the account for a bit and interest is calculated daily so I just might

No knowledge equals no money and a point lost is lost forever but to learn this stuff you might have to give up a bit of the television time you have after work and study and maybe even sign up for a free course at the public library ( online ) it is included in your free library card that you should have -- support your local public library and its tax deductible mine is at epl.ca and they saved my life when I first showed up in the Capital of Earth Edmonton Alberta Canada ( send em a buck if you can )

Hey every here of this company Hercules Capital it pays a dividend of 7.44% and owns a lot with a market cap of over 2 Billion ( yes other companies besides Amazon and Apple exist ) this is some of the stuff that you $17.38 USD gets you https://www.htgc.com/portfolio/

Hey none of what I just said is investment advise as I am as Mad as The Mad Hatter Experience and I only act as someone who knows some shit when I get caught in a jam and tonight I have been in a jam to to my own silliness's ( Mad Hatter Experience )

Hey if you have a second stop by hattersemporium.com and check out something that I have been working on ( were new )

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