June 22, 2021~ Make It So ~ Take Back, Pay Back Is Now On ~ Robinhood Time

I have dreamed long and hard about this period in time that I knew would show itself to me in my only at bat in life.

And this is much like Karen whom I had the great honor of meeting briefly as my adventure began in September of 2013, I was lucky beyond mere human words that she arrived in a radiant, luminescent explosion of light on my last day of phase one on December 4, 2013 at 1130am at the Tim Horton's in The Katz Pharmaceutical Building at the University of Alberta to thank me and inadvertently she would save my life as she so inspired me that I stayed clean and sober through the next few months which till that point were the hardest months of my brief life as I ended up in a homeless shelter that day and I would spend Christmas alone in a Men's Homeless Shelter ( and this was hardcore pain ) as 90 days before I lived in a luxury high-rise then a top of the line hospital in my city at the University of Alberta where weird stuff began for me as it was like I just needed to let go and let GOD ( or whatever you call the energy of Samadhi which is awareness of existence as one ) as it is all an incredible " block chain " where everything is connected.

Holy hell I think I found it by finding myself overnight as it is all ONE divine particle so tiny and so large that it contained all the data on the BLOCKCHAIN of Reality of The Universe itself

The Divine Matrix that were all a part of and everything is as it was in the beginning-- one day nearing the ending to the Exile Phase of My Experiment a young man who was about as confused as anyone ( me included ) asked me a question

" What Are You? " and I had a snap answer as I replied " I AM YOU " Samadhi ONE just as YOU ARE ME it is as I AM YOU ~ we are all ONE as that is all there ever was but ONE

One day somebody will wonder what we did all of us for so long all the petty wars, the bloodshed the hatred was it worth it


And what do you have to show for it all?

A FAT wallet, more than your neighbors?

What was it about?


How MUCH is EVER Going To Be Enough For US?

Do We WANT = all of IT?

Samadhi - ONE

The Holy Books say and I checked a whole bunch of them as books are a passion and I own a couple and as it says



But might as well be shit as we can't read, and when we do read we can't understand

Are we that stupid?


As we have one damn chance to make a difference ONE remember Samadhi ONE PARTICLE -- ONE MANKIND

Damn Lets Not Screw it up for our children


Then again I am trying to save you from you

But why, these games are so much more amusing in real life, really damn amusing NOT

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