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June 22, 2022:~ I Belong In The House Of The Lord

God & Jesus is good and I was lucky to get a " hook up " in my Jail Cell in 2014 for if you can believe ( Mischief ) yup I did 88 days in the cage and then it extended for months on end as they took ownership of me and held me from the day I was picked up at the Dentist in the Tower where I lived on September 4, 2013 all the way until October 12, 2016 damn long time for Mischief ( and other inmates were at the end point asking me " what are you? " yup

I have decided that Humanity needs me The Mad Hatter Experience and I need you as this stuff is costing a bit of change to run

But do not use the DONATE button please use as paypal takes a chuck every time you help me out ( crazy huh ?)

Thank you and I am Off Now


Lucien The Light II

June 22, 2022

Free after 30 years FREE

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