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June 22, 2022:~ What The F'n Hell Did I Do To You or Anyone?

A few years back you made me you fu&ken HERO and then YOU CUT ME OPEN thank You Dr J Wong , Dr G Salvalaggio, Dr A King -- as cutting the crap out of a NAIVE kid that was in so much pain that he would do anything to end the pain

Since then I have had URINARY ISSUES, PAINS --and MORE


And I rewarded YOU ALL

Salvaliggio ( Darwin's -- Species book ) ( you treated me like a child until you wanted to toss me away with the children's stickers ) lol it was a Pavlov dog experiment I was the dog right

King a set ( on Greek Mythology ) which you said you liked ( hey I like your converse shoes - I want then ) they were the black ones, stroked my hair after you cut a HEART into a bedsore on my tailbone ( with ZERO FREEZING ) what the FUCK is with ZERO FREEZING AND I WILL BE YOUR PUPPY you were kind of cute ( but I only want your Converse Shoes )

Wong ( I gave the book on the TAO -- you never even thanked me )

I Want them all back

Oh the cool thing is that you did this is a Catholic Hospital ( blame Catholics for YOUR EVILNESS ) men always hide behind religion and it is not the Religion that is at fault in most instances ( it is the people that use it ) l

The people of Edmonton ( mainly Government's, Civic, Provincial and Federal ) you used me and I was never proper compensated ( time to pay is now ) ---

I need a HOME and as many bedrooms as possible as the girls needs a place, to hang out and party as this is the best dayze of my lives and the GirlZ as I am going to serve

Hey I need multiple homes as we are gonna work on Mental Illness, Homelessness, Drug Use, etc as I have a GOD and Jesus Christ to SERVE as this is the JOB I TOOK ON IN 2014 IN JAIL TO SERVE HUMANITY

What you think I wear that hat for ?? okay to make you smile and to make Jesus and God Smile as this is why were here

Elvis ( you again ) as asked the Father in my Catholic Church to shoot you a call he might he might not

You LIED to me on MULTIPLE TIMES as I do not count as this once again YOU USED the FAITH to LIE to another of the FAITH and to make me me feel tiny as you did it multiple times as I

am a nothing in YOUR EYES and what are YOU IN GODS EYES ( the same ) ???

Hey Elon Musk lets work together on some of this stuff and have a few laughs and serve the people as you have been with that great smile you always wear

Brother Elon I thin YOU are GREAT

Thank you all as you all helped me so very much I love ya all

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