June 23, 2021 ~ Pill Boy 01 And The Prison Of Big Pharma

I own this dude as a NFT and I added the box around him tonight to signify the prison we call get in with drugs, booze, and other assorted mind traps including that of our pasts as I just read a quote by a buddy Steve Jobs ~ who said " I have never met a strong person with an easy past " and " be proud of your scars and that you're still standing " f

Was just reminded where would we be with our chemistry sets of the body, mind as would we still be living in caves, growing berries with beards --- with life spans or 20 years

We might be ... however this does not discount my efforts as ...

I have been working my butt off to get to as clean as I can and when Pill Boy 01 showed up I thought I have to have it ( I own three copies ) currently at Rarible.com the lowest priced one for sale out of 78 is priced at 2.5 ETH tonight this is $4,754 USD and once again there is big money in the drug world ( rest assured my cost was no where near that as I " invested " 0.001 ETH = $1.90 USD ~ still need to find buyers ) but for gains like this

But as of today I haven't had medication for a few days and tomorrow if everything works as it should I might have access to my chemistry set ~ but we will see

Pill Boy 01 makes me happy

The cage makes me think

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