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June 27, 2022:~ I Can NO Longer Take The Bullying As It Began When I Was A Kid and Continues

Well I am ALLOWED To Live in The City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I have been here since 1978 that is 44 years wow my dad was DEAD 45 years ago and the BULLYING for me began right around the time my dad passed it began with KIDS that were unfeeling when my dad passsed whenhe was 45 and I was ALL ALONE and I was hassled all the time and pushed around locked in locker for a day in Grade 7 ( then I was beat up daily ) the teachers were always aware of this but didn't give a shit

And as it is with most cases I totally withdrew as I was at this working FULL TIME and doing School , this suicide stuff began as I lost my dad, and we never had the resourses as was the mid 70s and I was rasied to not people ( mom & dad for the few years we had togther as a family ) I was was raiased to not strike a person ---

Problem = NO BODY GIVES A SHIT this is why Edmonton Loses 11 HUMANS A Day to Suicide we don't know how to care about people ( and Mental Patients are the lowest of the low so let them DIE )

This is one of the Finacial Reasons that the Alberta Government pumps $ 40 M into Mental Health & Addiction while the Health AHS Gets 15 B plus every year as we live in a very MORALLY ILL SICK WORLD

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