June 29, 2021 ~ Taken Before ~ "The Day That Opened A Long Sealed Wound"

The last few days have merged into a full week of HELL for me as I hate myself and everyone around me ( no I don't ) I just no longer know what to say or think / feel

I hate the place ( head space ) I find me in right now

60 years plus 145 days and now I don't know what nor who I am as what did you think when you saw me last?

Or did you think as I have become the company mascot in many ways as I have been seen now in 275 Cities and 42 Countries on 6 Continents, so that says that " The Mad Hatter Experience " is not a local show no more and since I have started " the show " some 714 days ago it has been an amazing adventure. And the hardest " event " I have ever done as I have been looking for Lucien Facciotti II ( that is what they labeled me as ) before I was designed in the lab we call Earth

When you not ever told your real name and given a " false flag name " so people around me could not / would not know who I was or why I was created it sets the tone for the rest of your time frame here on Planetarium Earth

What AM I? ( what are you?) this was the question I was presented in the last days of the Asylum Period ( it was from September 4, 2013 to October 1, 2016 ) no shit some 1,123 days or 3 years 27 days so 37 months locked in a box with the keepers of not just my mind but every other aspect of my life as I was bounced around from one social experiment to the next

However getting ( FREE ) which is the ultimate illusion as we no more free than a fish in a fish tank we have no ideas as to how it

The " MATRIX " of Reality works and what runs it ( or WHO ) as The Game of Century was started long before we came to the lands we occupy right now

See the next few posts on The GRID & SIMULATION of the Reality we find ourselves in and hope that THEY ( hell the ) WHO is in charge of the section of the movie we are allowed to call NOW

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