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June 29, 2022:\ The End Of A Spieces That Could Of Saved The World For It's Own Offspring YET ???

Today I made a choice that was made a very very long time ago, as the END OF A LIFE AND THE END OF HUMANITY IS CLOSE AT HAND as the Greed, Destruction, Hatred and all The Other Negative Crap has come to a fucken rapid boil in the bosoms' of the chests of the HUMAN it still wants more than it's share just so it's brother or sister doesn't have a same chance as we fight with everything to WIN and then WE DIE

As I read a article on how the Baby Boomers have fucked up the planet for 3 every other generation that we ever come after it -- well we fucked up

Oh well the next time a planet as Beautiful as Earth comes along will be a Few Billion Years from Now

And YOU all know what I am as I am in you and you in me, but when I go home to MY FATHER you will be trapped in the DARKNESS of 1000 years that YOU SET OFF

OH WELL -- It was a fun few decades of chasing Walmart, and assorted stores shit they sold you to

Make You Fell Free


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