June 3, 2021 What Do You Do When The Bully Works In Mental Health Industry And You Are A Client?

And he converts a whole team against you for standing up for yourself

Ralph @ Access 24 / 7 Edmonton it was uncalled for what you just did to me and now the other staff at the line will NOT take my call as I have been BULLIED for a very LONG TIME and TONIGHT IT ENDS

There have been a few other BULLIES at the LINE and they are missing now ( wonder how that works ) as Ralph you are one and I am one -- BUT this BLOG goes to 41 Countries and 269 Cities -- It has been seen by 5000 people since it went UP and YOU SIR pissed me by saying " YOU are delusional if you think you can have a EMPIRE" in regards to the sign I had printed up on February 18, 2020 saying Faciote Empire, when YOU were IN MY HOME with The POLICE of Edmonton and I was suicidal you are the REASON Mental Health SUCKS IN ALBERTA

YOU wanna play unfair as I have been terrible upset over the last few days as shit is coming up from my life that HIGHLIGHTS how the systemic abuse of my life, mind, body took place damn I am angry to the POINT I just needed to SPEND $2.99US for this picture

One day this world will be a safer world when we weed out people LIKE Ralph, Holly, and Others that push people around as a result of a Mental Health Challenge


The Mad Hatter Experience will work to END BULLYING IN MY TOWN / Province and Country alone at first but I have a funny " delusional " thought Sir Ralph that a few others might JOIN ME


I am angry as I am suicidal and everyone at Access 24 / 7 knows this as The City Of Edmonton Police Service Officers have been here 2 x this week and I have been totally distraught after decades of Abuse ( and this just continues it on and on it goes )

And now you have HUNG UP the phone on my two times this evening what is your point guy

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